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We are "suppose" to be on the last week of the Induction process.  It's very very busy in the waiting room (more so than we have ever seen).  Asking if she needs to continue the Bactrin prescription or not since she has a refill on the bottle so before we go get it refilled, making sure she needs to continue.

Mentioning her ribs starting hurting Tuesday March 3rd, 2020....

  • 9:50am Kate got her blood work done (they are so busy so running behind schedule)
  • 11:30am Kate got brought back for her Lumbar Puncture.
  • 12:05pm Finished with Lumbar Puncture (kate is happy.. way better than before), now we wait an hour with her flat on her back with an IV drip of saline to hydrate her. She must drink lots of fluids (recommended caffeine to help her keep headache away)


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It was a rough week for some reason. Kate has been super sore Monday and Tuesday feeling very nauseated and not comfortable at all.  Queasy feeling. I had a hard time getting her to eat and drink which I feel was important since many different doctors and nurses all stressed how important drinking plenty of fluids is important. Good news is today (Wednesday) she is feeling a bit better and has an appetite.

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