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      Enjoy the site and let us know if you find anything not appropriate... silly spammers.
  • Learning.pngLearning from others helps us grow together is what theZAh is all about.  Knoweledge waste management system is another useful term meaning you have all this knowledge but may forget or unable to retrieve this knowledge when you need it. Sure you'll find it eventually on the internet if you search hard enough but hopefully you'll share and find information on theZAh.

    We don't make any money but gladly take donations for hosting fee's, website software subscribtion fee's, beer fund, etc. So if you find something helpful or useful on the site or just want to contribute I appreciate any donation you are willing to share.

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      By GuRu,

      Occasionally I have to rent a vehicle and when you go to the Kansas City Airport and rent from National you get a pretty nice selection.

      This week I chose a new 2017 Chevy Colorado. My sister has one and she likes it.


      Video coming soon

    2. I'm just like most people and want to find ways to save money.  For our family we don't watch that much TV and television now adays seem to be mostly commercials.  Got introduced to Netflix many years ago and still have a running membership today.  Now that Netflix has there own shows and movies with no commercials is pretty awesome.  They also have last season shows all included with no commercials so if you can wait a year, its great watching a show with no commercials.  I find commercials distract me from the show enough that when it comes back it refreshes my memory on what I was even watching.

      There is more than Netflix such as Hulu which I didn't like at all.  There is Amazon, which we have access to since we are Amazon Prime Members.It's not very much per year and as much as we order from Amazon that free shipping is nice as well as all the other goodies that come with it.  Unfortunately Prime isn't nearly as strong on TV Shows and Movies as Netflix but its still an option.  We also use an Apple TV since our house is mostly Apple products.  When you have a house full of Apple, the Apple TV is a great addon to your home since Apple works very very well with Apple.  If you don't have Apple I have and also like the Amazon Fire Stick.  Main reason is it supports an application I like to use called Kodi which Roku doesn't support neither does Apple TV.

      Alright so summary...

      Streaming Apps that I use

      • Netflix
      • Kodi
      • DirectTV Now ($35/month) - gives a few channels, not sure its worth it.

      Hardware I suggest

      • Amazon Firestick

      Now what you loose mainly is your local channels.  I didn't think this would be a big deal since we really don't watch much TV but when you want to watch local news, weather, etc. then it would come in handy.  Obviously getting hooked back up with a dish or cable provider just for local channels is silly to me so I found another solution.  It's a one time cost of $350 but its a strong antenna that connects outside your home which pulls in around 30-40 local channels.  It's the same thing the cable company does. Outside of a cable facility you will see a very large antenna outside to pull in those local channels and then they send to all of you via the coax connected to your home.  So once you pay the $350 to have someone install a strong Winnegard HD TV Antenna on your home they connect to your existing Coax and hopefully your TV is new enough to be able to Tune HD TV.


      I'm now a happy cord cutter with the solution I need.  

      I kept our local cable provider for internet only service.  They have only one speed so the lowest cost for internet was fine.($50/month)

      I purchased an Amazon Firestick for every TV in our home ($35/each one time cost)

      I pay monthly for Netflix ($10/month)

      I purchased Winnegard HD TV antenna and had it installed on my home ($350 one time cost)

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