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Last night Kate called the Support line for the Homecare nurse complaining on how much the bandage hurts after they redid it during our Hospital visit yesterday (Friday).  Kate was complaining of a burning sensation and very uncomfortable.  A homecare nurse showed up and was very polite and helped explain how to clean the pic line with basically salt water and yea, I got my intro on how to do this myself for Kate.  She re-bandaged it up and Kate kept thanking the nurse because it was like night and day difference.  She is no longer after the polite home care nurse re-bandaged Kates pic-line.

Now if I could only get Kate to relax...  I'm trying to restrict her some so she doesn't get her blood flowing.  In my mind, more blood flow means the quicker the cancer can spread since it is a cancer of the blood.  Of course thats my logic and I really don't want to loose my wife.

What is a PICC Line?  Below is a pretty good illustration but its basically a quick way for doctors to pull blood from within having to re-stab kate with a needle every-time.  It's also a place for the doctor to administer the chemo treatments.  She has to keep moving that right arm so it doesn't get buildup on the line as well as get clogs..  we don't want to get clogs in the line which is why I get the pleasure of flushing the line out daily.



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I am glad she is more comfortable now. Kareta had hers in her chest & that seemed constantly uncomfortable. So glad she doesn't have it in her chest. 
So much love & many prayers being sent!

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