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New Macbook Pro



I ran into some fan issues on my 2012 Macbook Pro and I'm sure its because its been in some pretty dirty places.  Had the fan replaced at Apple for $100 but thought it may be time to upgrade.  Also it allowed me to give my wife a very nice laptop that is still working in great order.  She loves working with photos and thought she would enjoy using a laptop that doesn't limp along.

So this very second my new Macbook Pro (2017) just arrived via UPS so I'm going to save and close this entry so I can open it up and get going.

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Its kinda funny, as I saw in the tracking they were going to deliver my new Macbook Pro today I made sure I worked from home (didn't want to miss the delivery) and I was pacing all morning like a kid the day before Christmas.  When I saw the UPS driver begin backing down our long driveway I instantly grew a huge smile and threw my shoes on and ran out into the freezing cold to meet the driver halfway.  I scribbled my signature and ran into the house to unbox my new laptop.

Now I have to vent some disappointments I noticed right away

  1. I miss the fact the apple logo doesn't light up. Come on, that was a huge cool factor that set Apple apart from everyone else.  Now its gone.. no longer an option
  2. Another cool factor that I liked was the power cord had a light that was either amber while charging or green when fully charged...  no longer is there a light.
  3. We all have been saved by the magnetic break away power cord. You trip over it and it pulls away from your laptop not taking your laptop to the floor.  No longer, now a tight fitting USB-C charges your laptop (thank goodness I paid for apple care)

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