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Bone Marrow Transplant




So Kate received a phone call from her onacologist Dr. Yang mentioning that her Bone Marrow Biopsy and MRD test have come back negative so not finding any sign of cancer but he is still concerned why Kate's body isn't healing.  Her platelets are not increasing as they should which is making it difficult to continue the necessary aggressive treatment keeping the cancer dead and gone.  He has requested Kate talk to a bone marrow transplant representative to discuss options.

Obviously this has Kate very scared and nervous since finding a bone marrow match is very very difficult since many people don't want to go through the pain but roughly 20 days of pain to donate bone marrow could and does save someone's life.  Unfortunately the cut off for donating bone marrow is the age of 44.

PLEASE PLEASE Consider donating bone marrow and save someone's life.  Check out the process by clicking here

If you are between the ages of 18 and 44 patients especially need you (some like Kate or even Kate herself). Research shows that cells from younger donors lead to more successful transplants. Doctors request donors in the 18-44 age group 86% of the time for successful transplant.

BE A HERO to someone who needs you save their life.  Only costs to you is your time and possibly 20 days of discomfort.

Learn more at BeTheMatch.org

Finding a match is only part of the battle, then you have the cost.  A 2012 study that examined the overall costs of bone marrow transplantation including donor search and costs during the first year post-transplantation found the overall cost to be between $35,000-$780,000.



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