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Found 13 results

  1. The pain in Kate's feet is driving her crazy. It's painful no matter if she's walking or not but more painful if she's walking. We have tried foot baths which help relieve the pain but not the tingling sensation that eventually turns into pain. The doctors prescribe a medicine to help with the pain but it puts her to sleep. Bloodwork Results Potassium: Bilirubin(Liver Function): White Blood Cells (WBC 4.0-10.0): 2.6 Hemoglobin (HGB 11.5-16.0): 8.1 Platelets (PLT 150-500): 16 **all numbers dropped this week from last week
  2. It’s 3am on 2/17/2020 and we are in a room on the 9th floor in Karmanos Cancer Facility in Detroit. This is the beginning of the Induction process which in short means the beginning of chemo treatments while keeping a close eye on Kate during the process. The doctor believes this will take less than a week this visit but the Induction process is typically a week. There are four phases to chemotherapy treatment: The first phase is called Remission Induction. Treatment during this phase is designed to kill the leukemic cells in the blood and the bone marrow, putting the diseas
  3. So we got up at 5am to get our butts moving for our 7:15am scheduled appointment at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. Our actual appointment isn’t until 7:45am but they tell us to arrive 30minutes early which translates to someone in the military as 6:30am arrival time as Kate and I are hanging out in the parking garage. Our boys had to help us out this morning by getting themselves ready for school and Alex has to get himself on the bus. So this is our 2nd Chemo treatment as part of the 4 week Induction Process before they begin the aggressive chemo treatments. We aren’t sure wh
  4. We are at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit for our 3rd Chemotherapy Treatment as part 3 of 4 of the Induction process. This week they are introducing Rituxin to the normal two she has been receiving. It appears Rutuxin has less side effects as the new drug they used last week so that is good. Especially since I'm on-call starting Tuesday to Tuesday so I will be concentrating more on my job. If we take last week as any indication on how busy On-Call has been, I'll be busy every night but very lucky to have such a great company to work for as they have been understanding and working
  5. We are "suppose" to be on the last week of the Induction process. It's very very busy in the waiting room (more so than we have ever seen). Asking if she needs to continue the Bactrin prescription or not since she has a refill on the bottle so before we go get it refilled, making sure she needs to continue. Mentioning her ribs starting hurting Tuesday March 3rd, 2020.... 9:50am Kate got her blood work done (they are so busy so running behind schedule) 11:30am Kate got brought back for her Lumbar Puncture. 12:05pm Finished with Lumbar Puncture (kate is happy.. way bet
  6. What is cancer? To answer this question, you can start with the basic make-up of the human body. For example, “The body is made up of cells. Normally cells are healthy, but sometimes there are unhealthy, abnormal cells that grow and aren’t supposed to be there. This is called cancer.” Once there is a basic understanding of cancer, you can go into detail on what part of the body is affected by the cancer (e.g., lung cancer). Can I catch cancer? Many children, even teenagers, think cancer is contagious. Because of this they may choose to distance themselves from the person with cancer
  7. Tonight Kate developed a fever (running 100.5) and whats scary is they say if you have Leukemia and get a fever you must go to the nearest Emergency Room since its more than likely an infection which can prove to be fatal. So right now we are calling 1-800-Karmanos to find out what they want us to do. Patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) present with either symptoms relating to direct infiltration of the marrow or other organs by leukemic cells, or symptoms relating to the decreased production of normal marrow elements. Fever is one of the most common symptoms of ALL, an
  8. Last night Kate called the Support line for the Homecare nurse complaining on how much the bandage hurts after they redid it during our Hospital visit yesterday (Friday). Kate was complaining of a burning sensation and very uncomfortable. A homecare nurse showed up and was very polite and helped explain how to clean the pic line with basically salt water and yea, I got my intro on how to do this myself for Kate. She re-bandaged it up and Kate kept thanking the nurse because it was like night and day difference. She is no longer after the polite home care nurse re-bandaged Kates pic-line.
  9. A bone marrow biopsy involves removing a small sample of the bone marrow inside your bones for testing. Bone marrow is a soft tissue in the center of most large bones. It makes most of the body's blood cells. The biopsy is done using a small needle inserted into the bone.
  10. So our first visit to Karmanos in Detroit. We were given Valet so getting in wasn’t too bad and traffic down from Davison was quick. Front staff that checked us in was very professional and then a guide brought us to the room on the second floor where we had a pretty brief wait before being called back. Dr. Yang is another great doctor that is very knowledgeable. Leukemia is his specialty and he is very informed on Kate’s condition. He mentioned it’s typically found in kids (under the age of 12) with around an 80% success rate of fully cured within three years. If she was 70 years old s
  11. Came home from a tough appointment today to find a care package waiting for Kate. one of the sweetest women at Mclaren health plan is always looking out for how she can encourage and help others. One of those ways is through her “Abby Angel’s”. She lost someone and decided years ago to light the path for others struggling by giving these angels when they are needed. It is an honor to be gifted one by Lana because it means that she is now a warrior for your battle. We came home today to a package of an Abby Angel from Lana’s personal collection to watch over and protect while we
  12. I’m working from home when I can while my wife is fighting Leukemia which is cancer in the body’s blood-forming tissues which is in my wife’s bone marrow. As many of you know my wife has been sick for the last three months and Urgent Care told her it’s a viral infection and she just needs to wait it out. After two months she lost 40lbs and appeared to have Jaundice with her coworkers telling her she has a gray tint to her skin. Kate decided to try her primary care physician which told her the same thing, it’s a cold and you just need to wait it out. We had a parent from our sons
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