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  1. My ex is coming after me again for more money so I went to my QNAP drive for my archived records and saw most of the files had this .muhstik at the end of the file. I tried to open the file and the computer doesn't know what application to open .muhstik type files with. You can't do anything with these files since they are "encrypted" (so just give up trying to rename or use malware or antivirus programs. I've tried with no success) So somehow the Ransomware has infected the QNAP (which mind you its typically just QNAPs, not found on other NAS devices, just QNAP which makes me thin
  2. So quick update.. yesterday (Wednesday) Kate was good to go... no more fevers.
  3. Version 2020.1

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    python module install: sudo pip3 install pytz --no-index --find-links file:///home/rev.dennis/.config/pip/pytz-2020.1.tar.gz -vvv
  4. Version 1.15.0

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    python module install: sudo pip3 install six --no-index --find-links file:///home/rev.dennis/.config/pip/six-1.15.0.tar.gz -vvv
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  8. Version 50.3.0

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    needed for everything
  9. Version 0.29.21


    for python version 3.6
  10. Version 1.1.2


    python module
  11. Version 20.2.3


  12. Last night has been rough, trying to get her fever down. It definitely has been stubborn. Kept checking her temp around 8pm because she was having chills and shaking but no fever. Then by 9 she had a fever so switched from Fago Rock n Rye to water. Put cold cloth on her and by 9:45 we were up to 103.7 Tried Tylenol and it still climbing at 10:30 and so she got a dose of Motrin as well and it just wouldn’t go down so I started a Luke warm bath and she was in that for a good half an hour. Went down to 101 and it went back up to a 103 Got her out of the bath and into bed and her sh
  13. If you are looking for the Blog entries for weeks 29 and 30 you won't find them since the doctor wants Kate's body to heal. So no chemo and no bloodwork for the two weeks but back at it today 9/14 Bloodwork, Chemo, Biopsy, Puncture?? Bloodwork Results Potassium: Bilirubin(Liver Function): White Blood Cells (WBC 4.0-10.0): 2.9 Hemoglobin (HGB 11.5-16.0): 10.5 Platelets (PLT 150-500): 26 Transfusions Blood: NO Platelets: NO (only if less than 10) Procedures Lumbar Puncture: NO
  14. MONDAY Bloodwork and results of the MRD Testing and Bone Marrow Biopsy. Bloodwork, Chemo, Biopsy, Puncture?? Bloodwork Results Potassium: Bilirubin(Liver Function): White Blood Cells (WBC 4.0-10.0): . Hemoglobin (HGB 11.5-16.0): Platelets (PLT 150-500): Transfusions Blood: YES/NO Platelets: YES/NO Procedures Lumbar Puncture: YES/NO BoneMarrow Biopsy: YES/NO Chemo Methotrexate via IV drip (avg __min infusion): YES/NO Vincristine via IV drip (avg 5min infusion):
  15. Another week of nothing being done. Kate is doing good... no fevers so far and just pain from the neuropathy (tingling in feet mainly)
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