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    Here is a nice tutorial of how Infoblox could participate in your AWS implementation. infoblox-datasheet-infoblox-ddi-for-amazon-web-services.pdf infoblox-virtual-appliance-software-amazon-web-services.pdf

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  2. Is it worth it? Adding Infoblox to AWS IBandAWSdemo.mp4
  3. So I'll preface that I'm primarily a Mac user but that doesn't mean I am automatically onboard with putting all my documents on iCloud Drive. I have used Dropbox first, then Google Drive and iCloud Drive. I have no interest in using Microsoft OneDrive solution since Microsoft has a hard enough time keeping there Azure network up, there Live and Hotmail accounts not hacked, they have just proven time and time again how unreliable Microsoft has been in the cloud environment so far. My documents are important to me so we are going to automatically say no (for now) to OneDrive. Dropbox I liked dropbox and don't really have a whole lot of negative besides its blocked by just about any Enterprise. The plus is its not favored with Apple which has iCloud and not favored with Google Chromebooks which has Google Drive and not favored by Microsoft which has OneDrive. So Dropbox is the universal drive that works on everything and is available on just about any app that has saving to a cloud drive. Google Drive So the negative is it favors using its own Google Docs format. I learned recently that the excel spreadsheet I uploaded got converted when I used a Google Editor on my iPad. I didn't realize it was Google Editing my document that was stored on Google Drive since it didn't display anything. But as you edit your excel document it now becomes a google doc. When I tried to launch that saved file back on my mac using Excel it didn't recognize it since it was now a Google Doc. So I had to go into Google Doc and export as Excel and I had access to it again but now some of my formulas were all jacked. The positive is if you use Gmail (like I do) for your primary email client it obviously integrates with Google Drive very well. So instead of sending the entire large attachment via email (especially since email attachments are limited to size) you can instead choose a link to the file on your google drive and give permissions. It's pretty cool and very helpful but if you don't use Gmail, then probably not a big deal. Another pro is if you utilize Google Photos, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.. it all shares the same storage bucket and its not very pricey for all the data you can get from Google. iCloud Drive Obviously if you have Apple products (or an Apple ID) you automatically get 5GB of iCloud Drive for simple things like store your music, photos, Documents, Desktop, Safari Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, etc.. Which makes it nice when you log into any of your Apple devices with your Apple ID you now have access to those items. So the negative is not everyone supports iCloud Drive as a saved destination like Dropbox, then Google Drive. Also no ability to share files with anyone. The website icloud.com is slow. If you wanted to create or edit files on the website you need to your documents to be in Apple Docs format (pages, keynote, numbers, etc). Conclusion I use both iCloud Drive for syncing all my day to day stuff with all my Apple products. Its great when you get a new phone or laptop because either it got damaged, stolen or lost and you get all your important stuff back like it was never missing. I have Google Drive for big files and anything I want to share with someone else. No one else seems to do that better and integrate so well with your mail.
  4. Its kinda funny, as I saw in the tracking they were going to deliver my new Macbook Pro today I made sure I worked from home (didn't want to miss the delivery) and I was pacing all morning like a kid the day before Christmas. When I saw the UPS driver begin backing down our long driveway I instantly grew a huge smile and threw my shoes on and ran out into the freezing cold to meet the driver halfway. I scribbled my signature and ran into the house to unbox my new laptop. Now I have to vent some disappointments I noticed right away I miss the fact the apple logo doesn't light up. Come on, that was a huge cool factor that set Apple apart from everyone else. Now its gone.. no longer an option Another cool factor that I liked was the power cord had a light that was either amber while charging or green when fully charged... no longer is there a light. We all have been saved by the magnetic break away power cord. You trip over it and it pulls away from your laptop not taking your laptop to the floor. No longer, now a tight fitting USB-C charges your laptop (thank goodness I paid for apple care)
  5. I ran into some fan issues on my 2012 Macbook Pro and I'm sure its because its been in some pretty dirty places. Had the fan replaced at Apple for $100 but thought it may be time to upgrade. Also it allowed me to give my wife a very nice laptop that is still working in great order. She loves working with photos and thought she would enjoy using a laptop that doesn't limp along. So this very second my new Macbook Pro (2017) just arrived via UPS so I'm going to save and close this entry so I can open it up and get going.
  6. This is more like notes on how to use Wireshark so probably won't find a very in depth discussion but hopefully enough to get you going. You should have wireshark already installed. Capturing Packets On the menu, click Capture - Options Click the name of an interface under Interface List to start capturing packets on that interface. For example, if you want to capture traffic on the wireless network, click your wireless interface. As soon as you click Start, you’ll see the packets start to appear in real time. Wireshark captures each packet sent to or from your system. If you’re capturing on a wireless interface and have promiscuous mode enabled in your capture options, you’ll also see other the other packets on the network.
  7. This is a collection of notes gathered on using TicketFly and may not be accurate anymore. Notes on how to use ticketfly usr: S.Parkermichsales72@gmail.com pwd: lynn5525 Steps to validate sales for an event.... Click on the Bouncer Enter Order or Barcode and click Lookup Place a checkmark next to the order and click Validate TIcketfly Support Thanks. We've received your inquiry. A Ticketfly Customer Support representative will answer back within 48 hours. In the meantime, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here: http://support.ticketfly.com. The answer to your question may well be right at your finger tips. For your reference, your Case Number is #205381. If your event is today, tonight, or tomorrow, it is probably best for you to attempt to call us so that we may resolve your problem right away. Please call us at 877-435-9849. Support Center Hours: Mon - Sat 7am to 6pm PST, and Sundays 10am - 6pm Thanks for using Ticketfly!
  8. Here are the Forms you must use to track and do your job accurately Box Office you'll require the following forms Teller - Hawker Tracking (year_week_day)-2.xls Box Office Teller Worksheet(at-till).xls Count Room you'll require these forms
  9. We have four hard wired terminals TID:210618949 TID:310618949 00:0b:4f:04:06:58 TID:410618949 00:0b:4f:d4:06:5c TID:110618949 00:0b:4f:d4:06:be The TID is the Terminal ID # located on the left side of the credit card terminal. If you are having a problem with a terminal: 1. Check to see if it is connected. Open up Terminal on your laptop by clicking on the magnify glass in the top right of your screen (next to the time) and type Terminal and click Terminal 2. type ping and the address next to the TID above and you should get a response similar to the below if it is connected to the network shadowmac:~ dennis$ ping PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=255 time=9.586 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=255 time=8.092 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=255 time=1.765 ms If you get something like the below then unplug the credit card machine and plug it back in and try again in a couple minutes shadowmac:~ dennis$ ping PING ( 56 data bytes Request timeout for icmp_seq 0 Request timeout for icmp_seq 1 Request timeout for icmp_seq 2 Request timeout for icmp_seq 3 ping: sendto: No route to host Request timeout for icmp_seq 4 ping: sendto: Host is down
  10. If you loss your internet this is what works at each show BaRF KCRF MiRF Start a hotspot (your phone, iPad, tablet) Connect your laptop to the hotspot and verify you are on the internet by going to a website you haven't been to in awhile Plug the white network adapter into your laptop via the Thunderbolt port On your Mac, click Settings - Sharing - Internet Sharing (Share your connection from WiFi, To computers using Thunderbolt Ethernet) and make sure on the left Internet Sharing is checked. Unplug port 1 on the Netgear GS105 and plug a cable from your laptop to port 1 on the netgear GS105 NOW you will have to restart any credit card terminal (so they get an IP Address from your phone / laptop instead of the Comcast Router/modem) Note: Printer will also need to be rebooted before it begins working. Of course to switch back to comcast, you'll have to just reverse the process 1. unplug your laptop / phone from port 1 on the netgear gs105 2. plug the blue cable into port1 that comes from the office (probably the only loose (not connected) cable laying around) 3. restart credit card machines and printer Make sure you turn off the hotspot on your phone, ipad, tablet so you aren't getting charged FYI: The NetGear GS105 is used as the hub for all the connections PORT 1 = Count Room (Comcast Link) PORT 2 = Linksys WAP (EventGuyz-Box) PORT 3 = Connection to the TopLink TK-1008G switch all the credit card machines are plugged into PORT 4 = Brandon WiFi PORT 5 = OPEN StRF (Horrible service here, they have a hardline in one of the ticket booths, in the count room you have to use a AT&T hotspot, no Verizon Service)
  11. Setup Tradefirst on a iPad you just App Store - Tradefirst Mobile Swipe BaRF 8 Digit Trade Number: Password: KCRF 8 Digit Trade Number: Password: MiRF 8 Digit Trade Number: 11885102 Password: Michigan StRF 8 Digit Trade Number: Password:
  12. Here are some tasks that must be done on the last day of festival Inventory
  13. So what tasks must you complete at the end of your busy Festival Day. Box Office End of Day Tasks Go to today in the Calendar and add a comment that says: Under this title you will include the following information (Note: Deposit Slips, Credit Card Batches and Receipts must be scanned and attached) Open Cash: $xx,xxx (include how much of each denomination Box Office started with) Deposits: $xx,xxx (include how much of each denomination and each check in each bag, each bag gets a deposit slip) Credit Card Batches: (need a scanned copy of each and every batch attached) Receipts (Paid Out): (need a copy of every receipt that was paid out) Notes: (anything crazy that day that is worth mentioning, had to borrow money, internet went down, out of tickets, etc.) Count Room End of Day Tasks Go to today in the Calendar and add a comment that says: Under this title you will include the following information (Note: Deposit Slips, Credit Card Batches and Receipts must be scanned and attached) Open Cash: $xx,xxx (include how much of each denomination CR started with) Deposits: $xx,xxx (include how much of each denomination and each check in each bag, each bag gets a deposit slip) Credit Card Batches: (need a scanned copy of each and every batch attached) Receipts (Paid Out): (need a copy of every receipt that was paid out) Notes: (anything crazy that day that is worth mentioning, had to borrow money, internet went down, out of tickets, etc.)
  14. So now that you opened festival, what happens next. Box Office During the Day Duties Count Room During the Day Duties Shona: Oversee all money related movement, Money runners, and change runners to include the fresh bag change runners. All contact with area managers and tellers when questions arise. Get checks from Kathy midday on Saturday. End of the night: Log off 100 area POS system. Reports for payment amounts to Angie, Sandy, and Wayne for Independents who get paid at the end of each night. Batch out all CC machines at the end of the night. Wayne and Tracey: Get startup money counted and dispersed out to the areas, prepare initial change bags. Also oversee the fresh bag runners and making sure that change bags are ready to go. Keep order on the main desk. (Properly Strap cash when needed) Wayne and Sandy: Continue the daily operation of maintaining the count room. Make sure the bags are getting counted and cash is getting strapped properly. All of the change bags are back and in order. End of night: All the money is accounted for. On Saturday night we bag all of the lowest denominations for open cash the following morning. (Must be the same as the morning) make sure that what is strapped is what belongs in the appropriate straps. Count all of the cash twice if not 3 times for accuracy. Fill-out deposit slips, put all receipts inside of an envelope with copies of deposit slips. Sunday nights they will need an open cash deposit and then everything else is deposited. Dennis: I will just need copies of the Deposit slips, receipts, and batches. I should already have the open cash amount.
  15. Receive Monday from Armored Truck Note: TOTAL Amount being delivered and denominations (how much in 1's, 5's, nickels, quarters (this is very important)) Here is a task list for Box Office Sort & Distribute Tickets Log Teller Tickets on Teller Tracking Sheet Verify Promotions for the day (obtain needed tickets / coupons to support) Assemble Teller Drawers (Pens,Markers,Calc,Tkts,CCpaper,Envelope) Verify CC Machines work by running test transaction for .01 Morning Talk (inform of daily promotions, any changes, etc) Provide Tellers with Open Cash/Coin ($100-5's, $100-1's, $10-.05) Prep Peddler Packets (tkts & cash & flyer) Utilize form to track peddler sales and distribution Organize remaining tickets and cash (remove from line of sight) Here is a task list for Count Room Make Envelopes with Booth# (include need coin or not) Box office morning duties.doc