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  1. kate

    Week 24

    I know I’m not the greatest at writing but I warned of that before. I apologize to everyone for the delays in updates. I will work on getting better at posting. the last couple weeks in reality there hasn’t been much to post. My platelets dropped too low to start my next round of chemo but not low enough that I need a transfusion. Although that would normally sound good, it means I’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for the next step. I’ve been going for weekly labs hoping that numbers will come up. We’ve started some vitamin supplements which have helped all my other numbers rise,
  2. kate

    Week 19

    So Tuesday changed a lot of this weeks game plan. Since my mouth sores were getting so bad and I had lost a significant amount of weight since my last visit, Dr. Yang held the methotrexate to allow for a little bit of healing in my mouth. He also prescribed a medicated mouthwash to use 15-30 min before eating to try and eat more substantial meals. Since we didn’t do the methotrexate, I had to have the pegasparagus instead of coming back on Wednesday. I also had to get a unit of platelets since my platelets had dropped so much. Dr said I basically am not tolerating the full dose of methotrexate
  3. kate

    Week 18

    Tough week. Discovered that the methotrexate that they started me on gave me mouth sores. It’s a common chemo side effect that I’ve avoided thus far so that’s the positive. The week was really tough for being my week off of chemo. Very sick feeling and because of the mouth sores very difficult to eat anything. A lot of weight lost during the week cuz I just couldn’t eat. Dennis got me yogurt and popsicles which helped keep me going but hearing your stomach growl and not able to do much about it is not a fun feeling.
  4. kate

    Week 17

    Today’s is treatment day. Apparently Friday’s are busy days to be down here...the waiting room was full and I had to wait quite a bit longer than normal. They used my port for the first time. I was more nervous than usual about it hurting...probably cuz their approaching my chest to stab me with a needle. But it turned out to just feel like a strong pinch and then it was done. I can live with that. Dr Yang prescribed me a new med I have to pick up for the neuropathy. It’s supposed to help with the pain but he said it can make me feel groggy. Lovely. I’ll pick it up on my way home and try it
  5. kate

    Week 16

    I don’t know where to start. I’ve had a challenging past week. I had a port put in and then got an infection and had to be hospitalized for a few days. It would be easy to look at these things at setbacks but Dennis and I continue to look for nothing but positivity. Since being released I have felt better and had a little more energy than I previously had. About 2 weeks ago I had a very big test done. We’ve been anxiously anticipating the results. Today I received those. The test was done to look at my cells at a micro level to determine the cancer cell ratio and how I was progressing. I
  6. kate

    Week 15

    Well leaving today was a no go. Fever is under control but they think I have a skin infection from the port placement. That means I spent another day in the hospital alone on antibiotics. Dennis was sweet enough to drive back down here and bring me some stuff since I wasn’t planning on being admitted yesterday. Fingers crossed I can get out of here tomorrow. i had to get another blood transfusion today but other than that it’s been mostly antibiotics and painkillers.
  7. This week is somewhat of a reprieve for me. I only had to go in on Monday. Luckily my hemoglobin and platelets were finally high enough I don’t have to go back for more count checks this week. As much as I love Karmanos and what they’ve done for me, it’s a nice break. With that said it doesn’t always mean I feel the greatest. Today is one of those days. I’ve felt very lightheaded when I stand. I made eggs this morning sitting in a chair. I find ways around it. Almost a week later and I’m still being spoiled with birthday surprises. Today in the mail I received a card and Blarney Stone fr
  8. So here we are at the end of another week. Today’s segment of “how much can we inject in her” was brought to you by 1 unit of blood and 1 unit of platelets. Although my platelet count is way lower than it should be, its higher than it has been so progress is being made. I woke up today feeling slightly nauseous and didn’t sleep well. The nausea seems to be subsiding (maybe my body just wanted the blood first) and my lack of sleep was due to a dog that is petrified of storms. At first I thought it was cute that she hated them as much as me....now not so much. Yesterday was my birthday und
  9. With this pandemic, one major change has been that Dennis can’t be with me at these appointments. It’s definitely challenging for both of us. I struggle to remember everything they are throwing at me and he cant keep up on the blog like he wants to. The goal of this blog was to help others that may be going through something similar and struggling to find stories of the process. I know I couldn’t find much to tell me what to expect. The major thing that I am constantly reminded of is no two peoples cancer journey is the same. Whether its the type of cancer you are fighting or even how your bod
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