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  1. The love in that pic Love that smile Kate!
  2. Kate, I’m thinking of you. Sending love to you!
  3. When my mom went through cancer and chemo she had me get her a calendar from the dollar store. She wrote down everything in that thing; what treatments started when, reactions, test results, etc. when the doctors would come in and ask her questions she would hand them the calendar. The doctors said it was very helpful. She also made a Summary list that we both carried around for years after to let doctors know her history. Will keep you busy keeping track and save time! Wish I would have thought of it earlier to tell you..
  4. Oncology nurses are the best! They will take wonderful care of Kate. Once they get all the test results back and the doctors have the course of treatment laid out, the frequent interruptions will slow down. Thinking of you guys.
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