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    Chemo Treatment

    LAB Cytarebine Pegasparges Platelets (possible transfusion)
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    Chemo Treatment

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    Chemo Treatment

  6. Seems like this should be easy, especially since there is a yum install for cacti but oh no, nothing is what it seems. If you follow the below instructions (well as of January 2020) then you have a good chance at being successful. Please note, this is best case and no guarantee it will work but it worked for me. This also will help me keep track of some helpful commands I used for the future. DISABLE FIREWALL Open and edit SELinux configuration file. vim /etc/sysconfig/selinux Change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled. Save and exit. Reboot system reboot ENABLE R
  7. We are at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit for our 3rd Chemotherapy Treatment as part 3 of 4 of the Induction process. This week they are introducing Rituxin to the normal two she has been receiving. It appears Rutuxin has less side effects as the new drug they used last week so that is good. Especially since I'm on-call starting Tuesday to Tuesday so I will be concentrating more on my job. If we take last week as any indication on how busy On-Call has been, I'll be busy every night but very lucky to have such a great company to work for as they have been understanding and working
  8. Not everyone can afford to buy Microsoft Office and then others don't like anything with Microsoft in the name so they would like to know alternatives. Heck we are using a Mac (not Microsoft Windows). Truthfully, its difficult to beat the functionality of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word (proabably in that order) Some sites to check out for alternatives include: Apple Numbers, Keynote and Pages its awesome and cheap NeoOffice(cost=free) Papyrus Office Mariner Software Thinkfree Word Alternatives: AbiWord (cost=free)
  9. I was complaining on Twitter on how awful bluehost was for taking 48 hours to restore my sites in which time I lost my google rankings since they couldn't contact my site. Wirenine saw my issues with Bluehost and offered there services. I looked into them but they were definitly more expensive than anyone else but had a crap load more features. I decided to go with Dreamhost because of cost and after learning they aren't very technical or nice, I decided to give wirenine a shot. They transferred all my data over with some issues because of what Bluehost does with your sites but wirenine figu
  10. I tried to switch my VPS from Bluehost to Dreamhost since Dreamhost is NOT part of the EIG. I like the interface even though its not cPanel but its pretty easy to use. Had some issues where all 8 of my sites wouldn't let me log in (note these sites include IP.Board, Joomla and Drupal mainly) and so I contacted Dreamhost support and they insisted the issue is with the software not the server. I explained to them that these are just transfers and they work without issue on Bluehost and still they insisted its not the server. So I contacted Invision Power (makers of the IP.Board you are
  11. So I signed up in August 2014 for a Bluehost VPS since I had so many issues with inmotionhosting that I figured Bluehost is a pretty popular and well known site but I realized later its not because they have great service but more because they are so cheap. The implemented a change on a RAID controller on the VPS I was part of (without notifying us of this change) and it killed the controller. They had to rebuild all of our data and it took 48 hours to do this. Support was useless and no remorse but why would they care. Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG)
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