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    No rules or politics on how you Believe since Believing is what it's all about.

  • A friendly smile, a casual touch, these are the things that mean so much.

    Thank you for caring in our time of sorrow, sharing our prayers, today and tomorrow.

    God gives us comfort, in the form of good family and friends.

    May His peace be with you, His love never ends.

  • In Loving Memory Vicki Ann Windsor


    Thank you for the lives
    of all those loved ones
    who, whilst no longer
    walking beside us
    or holding our hand
    along life’s journey
    as once they did, live on
    in the collective memory
    of those they have left behind.
    Enjoy their company, Loving God
    until we shall meet again



    Birth date: Feb 7th 1954

    Death date: Nov 26th 2016


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    hey did you hear, heaven is over flowing with love since Aunt Vicki arrived. I'll never forget her never ending smiles and her heart warming laughs. Whenever we were together my goal was to hear her smile. She'll never be gone from our hearts, our fond memories. I'm glad your no longer in pain. I know in my heart you are in a place filled with love for you.

    I'll never forget your laugh as I'm sure it could be heard in heaven and now you are in heaven sometimes I feel I still hear your laugh which warms my heart.  You were a good person full of love for everyone.  I'm sad I don't get to sing some karaoke with you anymore but I do know if anyone lived life every day, it was you.  I never knew you to take life for granted and that's something we should all think about.

    I love you Aunt Vicki and I hope I will see you again.

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