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    No rules or politics on how you Believe since Believing is what it's all about.

  • A friendly smile, a casual touch, these are the things that mean so much.

    Thank you for caring in our time of sorrow, sharing our prayers, today and tomorrow.

    God gives us comfort, in the form of good family and friends.

    May His peace be with you, His love never ends.

  • In Loving Memory Larry Sipes

    I cant believe I'm standing here,
           Saying my goodbyes
    To a Dad that meant the world to me,
         My Dad with big brown eyes

        Anyone who loved him
      Will know how I feel today,
    My Dad was the sunshine of my life
    Who could light up the darkest days.

    So goodbye Dad my only Dad,
       Take your wings and fly
    To eternal happiness and your reward,
       through the big gates in the sky.


    Birth date:   April 11th, 1948

    Death date: March 24th, 2009

    Edited by rev.dennis

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