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    No rules or politics on how you Believe since Believing is what it's all about.

  • A friendly smile, a casual touch, these are the things that mean so much.

    Thank you for caring in our time of sorrow, sharing our prayers, today and tomorrow.

    God gives us comfort, in the form of good family and friends.

    May His peace be with you, His love never ends.

  • Welcome to Our Holy Church


    This is our website to share and collaborate on whats important, believing, being good to each other.

    Why Believe?

    Why not Believe?  Many times I get asked, "Why is it so important to believe?" I wonder how you can not believe. Everyone has been in a time in there life they weren't sure how they got through it. Maybe you feel unlucky because you don't win the lottery or get the person you want but God above has a plan for you. Just open your eyes, your heart and your soul and you'll see it. Just believe and it comes easy.

    You are never alonenever_alone.jpeg.4bd619ef663dad91ab7183d1e5fbd28e.jpeg

    It is very easy to feel alone especially when times are rough and it feels the weight of the world is pushing you down.  You have us, you have God and you have your faith which will keep you strong.

    Being open to receive his giftopen_rcv_gfit.jpg.050df24c8a1d7c3f27ebcae2932cd9b6.jpg

    So many have a difficult time opening there heart and mind to the gift God wants to share with you.  Everyone believes differently and none of them are wrong. What’s important is believing.


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