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    No rules or politics on how you Believe since Believing is what it's all about.

  • A friendly smile, a casual touch, these are the things that mean so much.

    Thank you for caring in our time of sorrow, sharing our prayers, today and tomorrow.

    God gives us comfort, in the form of good family and friends.

    May His peace be with you, His love never ends.

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    • rev.dennis
      This is our website to share and collaborate on whats important, believing, being good to each other.
      Why Believe?
      Why not Believe?  Many times I get asked, "Why is it so important to believe?" I wonder how you can not believe. Everyone has been in a time in there life they weren't sure how they got through it. Maybe you feel unlucky because you don't win the lottery or get the person you want but God above has a plan for you. Just open your eyes, your heart and your soul and you'll see it. Just believe and it comes easy.
      You are never alone
      It is very easy to feel alone especially when times are rough and it feels the weight of the world is pushing you down.  You have us, you have God and you have your faith which will keep you strong.
      Being open to receive his gift
      So many have a difficult time opening there heart and mind to the gift God wants to share with you.  Everyone believes differently and none of them are wrong. What’s important is believing.

    • rev.dennis

      About the minister

      By rev.dennis, in General,

      My name is Rev.Dennis and I was born and raised Christian Catholic by my parents.  Every Sunday we went to church and sat, kneeled and stood as the Priest tried to communicate with us what he believed we needed to know.
      For a few years I was an alter boy at St.Daniels Catholic church in Clarkston, Michigan which was better than sitting, kneeling and standing in a pew.  Still at a young age I didn’t understand why we were forced to go to church every Sunday when obviously there was more fun things to do.
      I joined the Air Force while I was still in Brandon High School and was on the Delayed Enlistment Program so when I graduated I could go to basic training at Lackland Air Force Base.
      During the service I became closer to God and religion after I have had several close calls.
      I am now a non-denominational minister.  I originally became an ordained minister to marry friends and family.  As soon as I was ordained I felt this was a very big responsibility and started doing research. Read a bunch of books and I’m still the same person as I was just more aware of the significance of being labeled as a minister.
      I’m not just someone who can marry you but I can also be a friend, someone you can talk to or ask advice. When you need someone to lean or when you feel your faith is failing you, I can be there.

    • rev.dennis
      A million times we've need you,
         a million times we've cried.
      If love alone could've save you,
         you never would have died.
      In life we love you dearly,
         in death we love you still.
      In our hearts you hold a place
         no one else will ever fill.
      It broke our hearts to lose you,
         but you didn't go alone;
      For part of us went with you,
         the day God called you home.
      Entered Life     January 16, 1959
      Entered Eternal Life     October 5, 2019

    • rev.dennis
      When someone we love passes away,
      We ache, but we go on;
      Our dear departed would want us to heal,
      After they are gone.
      Grief is a normal way to mend
      The anguish and pain in our hearts;
      We need time to remember and time to mourn,
      Before the recovery starts.
      Let’s draw together to recuperate,
      As we go through this period of sorrow;
      Let’s help each other, with tender care
      To find a brighter tomorrow.
      Date of Birth   January 16, 1971
      Date of Death  January 3, 2013

    • rev.dennis
      If we could bring you back again,
      For one more hour or day,
      We’d express all our unspoken love;
      We’d have countless things to say.
      If we could bring you back again,
      We’d say we treasured you,
      And that your presence in our lives
      Meant more than we ever knew.
      If we could bring you back again,
      To tell you what we should,
      You’d know how much we miss you now,
      And if we could, we would.

    • rev.dennis
      Thank you for the lives
      of all those loved ones
      who, whilst no longer
      walking beside us
      or holding our hand
      along life’s journey
      as once they did, live on
      in the collective memory
      of those they have left behind.
      Enjoy their company, Loving God
      until we shall meet again
      Birth date: Feb 7th 1954
      Death date: Nov 26th 2016

    • rev.dennis
      LOVING GOD, we don’t always understand your timing, but we trust that you are good. We know that you hold us in your hands and wrap your love around us when we we are sad. We are sad today, Lord.
      Comfort us with your presence. Grant us peace in our hearts. Fill our minds with good memories of the one we love.
      You are the great Healer, and we ask you to heal our hearts today and wipe the tears from our eyes to see the hope you have set before us. Amen.
      Kenneth Ray Hosang passed away Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the age of 84. He was born February 1, 1935 in Chicago, IL to Charles and Harriet Hosang. Ken was raised in Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University. He enjoyed all sports and excelled in football. Ken also joined the US Air Force and was stationed in Greenland. He taught school including social science and coaching football and basketball before being hired on as Safety Director at Pontiac Motors. He spent the last 23 years as a substitute teacher at Smithson Valley High school until he suffered a fractured hip and was forced into retirement. He continued to go to many of the high school games. Ken was preceded on death by his parents, Charles and Harriet Hosang, and his grandson, Jason. He is survived by his loving wife of 61 years, Suzanne Hosang; five children, which include his son, Ken Hosang and wife Shelene; daughter, Shelley Jordan and husband Jimmy; daughter, Kerry Orme and husband Mark; son, Daniel Hosang and wife Michelle; and daughter Sherri Gill and husband Timothy; eleven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. His stories, his laugh, and sense of humor will be dearly missed, but we will be comforted by so many wonderful memories.
      God of love and mercy,
      embrace all those
      whose hearts today
      overflow with grief,
      unanswered questions
      and such a sense of loss.
      Grant them space
      to express their tears.
      Hold them close
      through the coming days.

    • rev.dennis
      When you lived your life for others
      And you loved without conditions;
      When you made so many laugh
      And your smile won't be forgotten;
      When you left behind an empty place
      That no one else can fill;
      When the love that you shared
      Longs to be be renewed;
      When you built your life on hope
      And fulfilled it every day;
      The footprints that you left behind
      Will bring us face to face;
      So good-bye is not forever
      You're only steps away.
      Entered Life: October 18, 1945
      Entered Eternal Life: December 15, 2018

    • rev.dennis
      Thursday July 2nd at 5pm Charlie Hosang took his last breath and the moment he was no longer holding the hand of his family here on earth his family in heaven took his hand.  His younger brother Ken just passed away recently and I'm sure he was there (I imagine with a cold beer).  Born May 19th 1932.
      We had some great times that I’ll never forget


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