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      You’re getting married!
      Now you have the rings, you’ve hopefully made your plans, you have probably developed your guest list, you have booked your reception venue.
      So you probably have been looking for a minister to marry you which is probably why you are here.  How do you look for a minister?  Yellow Pages, Google, Friends, Churches, Craigslist.  If probably got here from a friend recommendation or Google.  I typically only officiant weddings of friends, family or through recommendations.  I don’t advertise since I don’t do this for the money.
      First step is finding out if we are compatible since let’s face it, some personalities don’t mix well and the person marrying you should be someone you like and not someone that is carrying around a credit card machine waiting to get paid.
      Next step after you interview me, we go through and build your ceremony.  I have a lot of options which you custom fit for your special day.
      We typically do a rehearsal so you feel comfortable.
      On the special day I show up early to make sure I am there and legally marry you.
      Afterwards I participate in any photos you like and we sign your marriage certificate.
      My part is the easy part and if you are crazy in love then your part will be easy as well (mostly) 🙂
      If you are interested, feel free to fill out the Contact Me form to start the conversation and no matter who you pick to marry you, Congratulations and I wish you both a life of love and happiness.