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    Good night. I hope Kate gets some sleep (you too Dennis). Keep fighting the Cancer. I know together you can beat it.
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    Keeping the prayers going... Been thinking about you guys all day. Hope you're both able to get some sleep.
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    Thank you for all the updates, Dennis! Hope the staff are treating her good, as well as you. Loved the pic with the dogs. So sweet Please give her my love. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. - Dréa
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    Came home from a tough appointment today to find a care package waiting for Kate. one of the sweetest women at Mclaren health plan is always looking out for how she can encourage and help others. One of those ways is through her “Abby Angel’s”. She lost someone and decided years ago to light the path for others struggling by giving these angels when they are needed. It is an honor to be gifted one by Lana because it means that she is now a warrior for your battle. We came home today to a package of an Abby Angel from Lana’s personal collection to watch over and protect while we fight this battle. Words cannot express the thoughtfulness and encouragement that this angel and sweet Lana has instantly brought to our home. Thank you all for being part of our warrior tribe. With this much determination, there is no way we won’t succeed in our battle.


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