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    • shadowmac

      Welcome to hosang I.T.

      By shadowmac, in General,

      Trying to find what feels good.  We use to be called hosang I.T. but I didn't like sharing my name because of all the spam that goes with it. Before my divorce we were called MyWiseGuys but the divorce caused a lot of bad blood and a pizza company in Flint, Wise Guys Pizza stole my registered logo.  So in thinking of a new name for the tech side of the house that I could reflect my kids which I love more than anything, so I came up with ZAh Systems which stands for Zackary Alex Hosang (ZAH).
      In the end we are just using MyWiseGuys for everything since its truly a hobby site and not a business.  It's easier to maintain one website versus several plus MyWiseGuys is a LLC so some protection is in place.
      What are we about?  Truthfully I love helping people figure things out on there own.  I don't mind receiving donations of a few dollars if you find that the information I provided just saved your job or a lot of time.  The money really goes towards keeping the website up and buying me a case of good beer.  I also throw some money at the site to make it a bit nicer.  As you can see, I don't get much money since the site is in dire need of a face lift.
      Also the website is used for reference.  Many of us that work on tech stuff all day can't remember everything but if we posted it on a site such as this it would help us in the future when we need to do that task or similar task again.  Of course in the meantime it helps anyone else doing the same thing.
      Of course this relies on more than just myself to contribute to the site.  It appears mostly I get spammers and hackers on the site trying to advertise crap for sale but for the few of you that register to contribute I appreciate it and so do others that rely on the site to help them do there job.
      Currently the information is free but there may eventually be subscriptions for a dirt cheap price for training material and tests.  Not positive I'll get to this but its a possibility.

    • shadowmac

      Wireshark Tutorial

      By shadowmac, in Software,

      This is more like notes on how to use Wireshark so probably won't find a very in depth discussion but hopefully enough to get you going.
      You should have wireshark already installed.
      Capturing Packets
      On the menu, click Capture - Options

      Click the name of an interface under Interface List to start capturing packets on that interface. For example, if you want to capture traffic on the wireless network, click your wireless interface.

      As soon as you click Start, you’ll see the packets start to appear in real time. Wireshark captures each packet sent to or from your system. If you’re capturing on a wireless interface and have promiscuous mode enabled in your capture options, you’ll also see other the other packets on the network.

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