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Search Suffix on LInux

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Many many people/apps still rely on short names (hostname1) instead of the FQDN (hostname1.thezah.com)

Obviously DNS doesn't know what to do with hostname1 so on LInux it will look in either one of two places for a search suffix (what to append to the end of that shortname)


# internal dns servers
search thezah.com sub.thezah.com eventguyz.com sub.eventguyz.com

OR it can be done on the interface level at /etc/network/interfaces since /etc/resolv.conf gets overridden

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
    dns-search thezah.com sub.thezah.com eventguyz.com sub.eventguyz.com

So now when you query hostname1 it will then try hostname1.thezah.com, then hostname1.sub.thezah.com  (Always start with a more current domain on the left and work towards older, not so common domains it could be in at the right)


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