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Helping someone new to Mac OS X

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Switching operating systems is a scary and can be exciting adventure. It can also be a major pain in the butt. I am not author of any book but hope I can help fill in some blanks.

If you want a recommendation on a book, for beginners I strongly recommend a book called

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Leopard

It has proven itself to people of all ages on getting up and going with there move from Windows to Mac.

Here are some basic things you may or may not know.

Open Applications...

In Windows you click the Start button - Click on Programs - Select Your Application

In Mac OS X you click the Finder (looks like a smiley face) - Click on Applications - Select Your Application

Check Email without having to purchase any additional application...

In Windows you click on Outlook Express

In Mac you click on Apple Mail

(both are equal in functionality, Apple Mail seems to handle large amount of mail quite a bit quicker to include searching)

Check Email with purchase of additional application... (mostly for us business people that need to connect to Outlook Exchange servers)

In Windows you open Microsoft Outlook

In Mac you open Microsoft Entourage

(Microsoft Outlook is better but not be a whole lot. Entourage sync's with Outlook Exchange server to include Mail and Calendar without any issues)

Word Processor included with operating system

In Windows you click Start - Programs - Accessories - either Notepad or Wordpad

In Mac OS X you click the Finder (looks like a smiley face) - Click on Applications - TextEdit

(note that all Mac Applications are found in the exact same place... Finder - Applications unless you move them somewhere else)

(I'll keep adding to this article so it will probably never be finished)

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