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Mac OS X Finder Lockups

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I am curious as to what I should do when I can not click on FInder (it just makes a sound everything I click on it like something is in the background waiting for me to answer it but I can't seem to find anything). I can not open a new window and I'm not able to click on the apple to do a restart.

Someone said to open terminal and type something like: sudo -h shutdown now but i can't get to Terminal.

You could click on spotlight and type Terminal and it will find it for you at which time you could just double-click on.

As far as shutting down or restarting your system you could do either without clicking on the apple, just as long as you can open up your terminal window.


sudo -h reboot


sudo -h shutdown now[/code]

NOTE: you will need your password

Reference: Mac OS X Manual Page For sudo(8)

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