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      Welcome to DJ ZAh

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      DJ Experience
      You want someone that knows what they are doing and will listen to your ideas, even assists you; DJ ZAh delivers on that promise. From your initial contact with our very experienced DJ ZAH, until your last smiling guest has left your event, you will feel the difference of having professional, courteous service every step of the way.
      DJ ZAH features:
      Quality Music Top Notch Equipment Extensive Event Planning DJ ZAH uses professional Computerized Performance Systems and more than 30,000 all digital music library, for a state of the art entertainment system. Pulling up requests takes mere seconds to accomplish allowing your DJ/MC more time to focus on you and your guests. Your music will be skip-free, crystal clear and distortion-free.
      You are also getting:
      Experienced DJ/MC Wireless Microphones All Digital Music Library Online Event Planning Online Music Database Unlimited planning sessions with your DJ/MC Over 30,000 Songs Plus over 20,000 Karaoke Songs Our personalized attention is focused on the clients we are entertaining.

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      Party Information

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      "We Can Bring the Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm to Your Next Dance!"
      Call Us Whenever You Want Entertainment For Just About Any Occasion:
      Birthdays Sweet Sixteen's Proms Graduations Car Show's House Parties Fraternity / Sorority Parties Class Reunions Pool Parties Picnics / BBQs Anniversaries Fashion Shows Carnivals Dinners / Fundraisers Sport Events I am able to accommodate pretty much any kind of function due to professionalism and the significant and comprehensive size of my music collection, for which I pride myself upon a great deal. Even if I don't have what you need, that would only mean that it is apparent that perhaps I should have it. Therefore, I go out and get it at no extra charge. You are also encouraged to provide (on CD format) anything that you wish to make sure I have (All I ask is that the material is 'OK'd by you and edited for mass consumption)
      School Dances
      DJ ZAH can bring the energy and excitement to create the ultimate dance experience at your very own school! How do we do this? With hard work and dedication, we have become the school dance specialists of Michigan, delivering high energy enthusiasm to every event we produce.
      DJ ZAH provides you with more than just music; instead, we provide you and your fellow students with a truly unique and vibrant dance experience complete with our well-known advanced sound system, brilliant lighting, distinctive special effects, and some of the friendliest and most talented DJ's you will ever meet!
      We can work with you side-by-side to offer professional assistance and support in creating your next school dance. We can discuss all the details of your next dance and create an amazing and unique experience, guaranteed! We will bring the Energy, Excitment and Enthusiasm your school deserves!

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      Karaoke Experience

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      Now that you have practiced singing in the car or in the shower it's time to have a Karaoke Party and let everyone hear you sing. With our selection of over 20,000 Karaoke songs we are ready to supply your Karaoke need.
      We use top quality Shure wireless microphones so if your nervous about getting up and singing by yourself, bring a friend or two up to the monitor and sing with you. Using wireless microphones you can walk around the crowd and get them to sing with you.
      For you Karaoke veterans, you may be interested in which vendor do we get our music from. Our Karaoke song selections include multiple different professional vendors to include Sunfly, Sound Choice, Pioneer and many others.

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      You're getting married!
      Now you have the rings, you've hopefully made your plans, you have probably developed your guest list, you have booked your reception venue.
      Now it's time to choose your Entertainer / Emcee...You've come to the right place.
      Exciting and fun without being loud and overbearing
      Packed dance floors
      Seamless, timeless parties
      Limitless pre-planning

    • djzah
      Hiring a DJ can be a scary thing.  Hopefully we answer your questions in this section titled FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also ask us questions, we don't charge for that.  I know it's hard to believe but we really just want your event to go as smooth as possible regardless if we are the lucky ones to provide you with our service.

Here is an intro on what we do in the music world
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