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  2. Last night we decided to cancel Thanksgiving since Kate is not doing so good. Before Kate went to bed I raised the head of the bed up so it resembled a hospital bed. My thought is treat it like heartburn where if you don't elevate yourself you get the stomach acid getting in the back of your throat causing you to vomit. Through the night she got sick only once which is a huge improvement.
  3. Last week
  4. Rescheduled post operation appointment for next Tuesday at 8:30am since Kate can't even really stand without getting or feeling awfully sick today. REST, WATER and CRACKERS is Kate's itinerary today (add some TV when her eyes are open to give her something to look at)
  5. Kate got some sleep last night. She has puked a bunch and feels sick to her stomach and we have to go to a post operation checkup today at 11am. Possible solutions: Drink clear or ice-cold drinks. Eat light, bland foods (such as saltine crackers or plain bread). Avoid fried, greasy, or sweet foods. Eat slowly and eat smaller, more frequent meals. Do not mix hot and cold foods. Drink beverages slowly.
  6. Fever is below 102... When she gets peg chemo drug it just really whoops her ass. I read something interesting... a fever will not hurt ya until it reaches 108 at which time it can cause brain damage. I was freaking out about 104 but that’s an acceptable fever. U want the fevers which will tell the brain to fight off any infection.... so they say. keeping a close eye on her. She thinks she is done puking
  7. Ok so her fever now is 104+ she is refusing a Luke warm bath. Since she puked the Tylenol I have her one (I can’t confirm she puked both). We came to middle ground of 10min. If it doesn’t show signs of going down in 10min then she has to take that almighty like warm bath.
  8. just checked its staying around 101.7 Gave her more water and trying to get her to stop shivering. Set a timer to check her temp again in 30min. I warned her, if her temp exceeds 102 it will be luke warm bath time.. which she hates but it does seem to work. Cold wash clothes don't seem to have the positive effect they use to at the beginning.
  9. Fever is up to 101.5, just gave her some Tylenol and she puked it back up.
  10. Kates running a fever (just below 101) but we know its expected reaction after chemo via her port.
  11. No A.L.L. treatments since Week 37 Bloodwork Results Potassium: Bilirubin(Liver Function): White Blood Cells (WBC 4.0-10.0): Hemoglobin (HGB 11.5-16.0): Platelets (PLT 150-500): 30 Transfusions Blood: NO Platelets: NO Procedures Lumbar Puncture: NO BoneMarrow Biopsy: NO Chemo Methotrexate via IV drip (avg __min infusion): NO Vincristine via IV drip (avg 5min infusion): YES Pegasparagus via drip (avg infusion): YES Cyclosphomine: NO Cytara
  12. Yea a long title for something pretty simple So what the heck is the Message Of The Day on CentOS? Well it gives the ability to provide information to users who log into your server. FIRST we have the banner which is defined in your sshd_config sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Browse or Find Banner and mine looks like this Banner /etc/login.warn So if you open up the banner (/etc/login.warn) it looks pretty straight forward and simple which you can customize that you like ************************************************************* ** NETWORK TEAM JU
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  14. So it's been a few days (well almost a week now, wow time flies). Kate is doing really well given the situation. She has a serious bruise on her leg (yea it can gross out a few people). She is trying to walk around more without crutches but she gets the sharp shooting pains as the tendons and muscles find there home on her leg.
  15. Now just at patient discharge.
  16. Now just waiting outside for a phone call that I can come pick her up
  17. Mom

    Hip Surgery

    Wonderful news!
  18. Just received a call from the doctor and surgery went well. Expecting a 2 hour recovery and if she can walk around and is good, I can pick her up. they said very little bleeding.
  19. She’s on her way to surgery now
  20. Getting IV’s inserted now. She needs platelets.
  21. Just got Stephanie the nurse assigned to Kate for this process. Very nice. they all mentioned Kates low platelet count (23) which they are going to address first.
  22. Cindy just took an EKG, all is normal. We still have an hour for surgery.
  23. Of course fighting cancer isn’t enough that we have to throw a fractured hip into the mix. Today Kate will receive a femeral neck system which looks like below We arrived at the hospital at 9am and had to do the typical check in stuff and Kates favorite having to put on a gown that appears made for a much larger person. Talked to Nurse Karen which is the liaison between hospital and patient groupie like me. Kate surgery starts at 11am and goes to anywhere between 12:30 and 1:30 with a two hour recovery.
  24. sudo dnf remove --duplicates Tried again: sudo dnf install 'dnf-command(config-manager)' --allowerasing Running transaction check Error: transaction check vs depsolve: (flatpak-selinux = 1.6.2-3.el8_2 if selinux-policy-targeted) is needed by flatpak-1.6.2-3.el8_2.x86_64 rpmlib(RichDependencies) <= 4.12.0-1 is needed by flatpak-1.6.2-3.el8_2.x86_64 To diagnose the problem, try running: 'rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest'. You probably have corrupted RPMDB, running 'rpm --rebuilddb' might fix the issue. The downloaded packages were saved in cache until the next successf
  25. Total 1.3 MB/s | 755 MB 09:36 Running transaction check Error: transaction check vs depsolve: (flatpak-selinux = 1.6.2-3.el8_2 if selinux-policy-targeted) is needed by flatpak-1.6.2-3.el8_2.x86_64 rpmlib(RichDependencies) <= 4.12.0-1 is needed by flatpak-1.6.2-3.el8_2.x86_64 To diagnose the problem, try running: 'rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest'. You probably have corrupted RPMDB, running 'rpm
  26. Nagios is a great tool, especially for free. Find your config find / -name nagios.cfg Test nagios against that config (below is where my nagios.cfg was located but change to where yours is) nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg When your system is checking processes on a system and shows RSZDT and you are wondering what that means. R = running, S = interruptible sleep (waiting to complete), Z = defunct ("zombie") process, D = uninterruptible sleep, T = stopped. Perhaps this is on the cluster (total) -- how many servers is it checking, unles
  27. When I try and run sudo dnf update I get a bunch of errors that state ... conflicts with file from package ... So in researching the wonderful world of the web I found a suggestion to check for duplicates and if running the following command produces any results, you are in a bad way. sudo dnf repoquery --duplicated [[email protected] ~]$ sudo dnf repoquery --duplicated Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 8 - x86_64 0.0 B/s | 0 B
  28. We are home now. They decided to go with option #1 and have Kate keep weight off her right leg with the help of a walker (crutches temporarily). We have to call an orthopedic office tomorrow. kate asked for Zofran while she was in the hospital and ever since she got it introduced to her body via IV, she’s felt sick to her stomach. I made her grilled cheese but she just can’t bring herself to eat. She isn’t eaten anything all day and she’s hungry but anything she can think of for food makes her want to puke. no good.. I can’t force her to eat
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