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  2. This topic is really a way for me to evaluate the different ways to host a store when thats all you really need is a store Examples of some of the sites I would like to evaluate: https://freewebstore.com/ https://www.bigcartel.com/ https://www.weebly.com/online-store https://www.bigcommerce.com/essentials/ https://www.constantcontact.com/website/ecommerce
  3. I tried changing save to /tmp and no luck then I started to look at some of my other sites and most settings were same but memory and file upload sizes were different so I decided to just copy the php.ini from working site and paste to broken sites and they all started to work. Working php.ini for me for IPB 3.4.x ; cPanel-generated php ini directives, do not edit ; Manual editing of this file may result in unexpected behavior. ; To make changes to this file, use the cPanel MultiPHP INI Editor (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor) ; For more information, read our docum
  4. I know this version is no longer supported and we are working on upgrading our applications to support IPB 4. No emails are being sent out so trying to update from PHP to SMTP but anytime I click save it goes back to the original.. it doesn't save any settings. I have also tried to update someones password and it won't let me. I have tried to use Chrome and Safari, I have cleared all cookies and cache and tried and really just out of ideas. We do not use friendly URLs (so no .htaccess file)..... It says Settings saved but nothing changes.. it reverts back to what it was.
  5. You utilize EC2 (which stands for Elastic Cloud) Launch Instance (I personally choose Red Hat since its used in more of a Business model) Create a Key Pair (it will download automatically and this file is very important for access) Accessing site chmod 600 /path/to/your_keyname.pem Get your EC2 name (something of the form *.compute.amazonaws.com). Now we can SSH into the EC2 instance by running the following command ssh -i /path/to/your_keyname.pem ubuntu@your_instance.compute.amazonaws.com
  6. Received this error in Firefox today when I was trying to access my RSA SIEM Server Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key I had to go into about:config and change the following two lines from True to False so they look like the below
  7. What I found out to test oracle connectivity you would do the following from a machine that has Oracle loaded. The three main things to check for when diagnosing remote database connection issues are the machine, the listener, and the database. The utilities that can be used to test each one of these include ping, tnsping, and a database connection. The ping utility is used to test the connectivity to a remote machine. ping will indicate whether a remote server is accessible and responding. If the ping command indicates that a machine cannot be accessed, the other connectivity tests will a
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    Dreamhost is getting worse by the day... I was transferring gearcrushers.com up to my Dreamhost VPS and now I can't log into it anymore via FTP, SFTP or SSH. (sound familar) Restart VPS to see if it would restart services if that was the issue but no luck. Looks like I'm putting all my eggs (websites) on wirenine which makes me nervous but so far so good until I get burned.
  9. I was complaining on Twitter on how awful bluehost was for taking 48 hours to restore my sites in which time I lost my google rankings since they couldn't contact my site. Wirenine saw my issues with Bluehost and offered there services. I looked into them but they were definitly more expensive than anyone else but had a crap load more features. I decided to go with Dreamhost because of cost and after learning they aren't very technical or nice, I decided to give wirenine a shot. They transferred all my data over with some issues because of what Bluehost does with your sites but wirenine figu
  10. I tried to switch my VPS from Bluehost to Dreamhost since Dreamhost is NOT part of the EIG. I like the interface even though its not cPanel but its pretty easy to use. Had some issues where all 8 of my sites wouldn't let me log in (note these sites include IP.Board, Joomla and Drupal mainly) and so I contacted Dreamhost support and they insisted the issue is with the software not the server. I explained to them that these are just transfers and they work without issue on Bluehost and still they insisted its not the server. So I contacted Invision Power (makers of the IP.Board you are
  11. So I signed up in August 2014 for a Bluehost VPS since I had so many issues with inmotionhosting that I figured Bluehost is a pretty popular and well known site but I realized later its not because they have great service but more because they are so cheap. The implemented a change on a RAID controller on the VPS I was part of (without notifying us of this change) and it killed the controller. They had to rebuild all of our data and it took 48 hours to do this. Support was useless and no remorse but why would they care. Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG)
  12. Show Databases SHOW DATABASES; Create database mysqladmin -u root -p create oaipse Show mySQL Users select user,host from mysql.user; Create new user CREATE USER 'oauser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'secure09'; Grant Privileges GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'oauser'@'localhost'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'myuser'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; TO EXPORT DB TO A FILE: mysqldump --add-drop-table -p DATABASENAME --user=DATABASEUSER --password=DATABASEPASSWORD > /FULL/PATH/TO/ROOT/MYBACKUP.SQL TO IMPORT DB FROM A FILE
  13. Second time mySQL went down. I'm currently on the Power Plan (which is a shared hosting plan) which means I share a server with a bunch of other people which one of these people is bringing the mySQL services down on this shared server. First outage a few weeks ago was for about an hour, this time services resumed in about 20minutes which feels like a lifetime when you rely on the site to be up for everyone to use, especially when I have several sites dedicated for my clients/customers. I believe I am going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  14. Okay, my experience on exporting and importing mySQL Database Exporting (Pretty Easy) [root@ipsetest ~]# mysqldump -u root -p oaipse > oaipse.sql Importing (not too bad but learned a couple of things) [root@ipseweb ~]# mysql -u root -p oaipse < oaipse.sql Enter password: ERROR 1153 (08S01) at line 732: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes To fix ERROR 1153 perform the following otherwise your database imported successfully. [root@ipseweb ~]# mysql -u root -p Enter password: mysql> set global net_buffer_length=1000000; mysql> se
  15. One of the most popular internet browsers out there today is Firefox with Chrome being second and Safari next and Internet Explorer consistently falling to last place because of its proprietary features and Microsoft coding. Why is Firefox, Chrome and Safari doing so well. They are built to run on any website not just those websites created with Microsoft FrontPage. Also Firefox and Chrome work on most operating system platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)... IE only works on windows. So some simple things to do to troubleshoot Firefox. 1. Reset Firefox by typing in the address bar..
  16. Both PHP errors and database errors can manifest as a white screen, a blank screen with no information, commonly known in the WordPress community as the WordPress White Screen of Death. There are a number of reasons for the WordPress white screen of death: A Plugin is causing compatibility issues. If you can access the Administration Screens try deactivating all of your Plugins and then reactivating them one by one. If you are unable to access your Screens, log in to your website via FTP. Locate the folder wp-content/plugins and rename the Plugin folder plugins_old. This will deactivate
  17. How to show mysql databases Before you export your database, make sure you see it mysql -u root -p mysql> show databases; How to Backup and Export MySQL Database To export a MySQL database into a dump file, simply type the following command syntax in the shell. You can use Telnet or SSH to remotely login to the machine if you don’t have access to the physical box. mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_name > dump.sql Replace username with a valid MySQL user ID, password with the valid password for the user (IMPORTANT: no space after -p and the password, el
  18. A skilled and professional web development team can make that happen using a range of available software tools and strategies that integrate your company’s overall strategy while motivating your employees and enabling them to pull their skills with your corporate data to grow your business and generate revenue. In addition to this, an experienced website development team will merge experience in user interface design with data exchange and integration to make sure that significant business processes and work flow are supported and accomplished effectively. This will ensure your company's websi
  19. Find the config.inc.php file located in the phpmyadmin directory. Some examples: WINDOWS WAMP: C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin3.2.0.1\config.inc.php UBUNTU: /etc/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php Find the line with $cfg['UploadDir'] on it and update it to: WINDOWS WAMP: $cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload'; UBUNTU: $cfg['UploadDir'] = '/etc/phpmyadmin/upload';[/code] Create a directory called ‘upload’ within the phpmyadmin directory. WINDOWS: C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin3.2.0.1\upload\ UBUNTU: /etc/phpmyadmin/upload Then place the large sql file that you are trying to import into t
  20. 1xx Informational Request received, continuing process. This class of status code indicates a provisional response, consisting only of the Status-Line and optional headers, and is terminated by an empty line. Since HTTP/1.0 did not define any 1xx status codes, servers must not send a 1xx response to an HTTP/1.0 client except under experimental conditions. 100 Continue This means that the server has received the request headers, and that the client should proceed to send the request body (in the case of a request for which a body needs to be sent; for example, a POST request). If the
  21. I saw this post and I figured I would add my two cents. Here is a snippet of what I use to create the pureftp database from command line in mysql on my ubuntu box Create a database called pureftpd and a MySQL user named pureftpd which the PureFTPd daemon will use later on to connect to the pureftpd database: mysql -u root -p CREATE DATABASE pureftpd; GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP ON pureftpd.* TO 'pureftpd'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'ftpdpass'; GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP ON pureftpd.* TO 'pureftpd'@'localhost.localdomain
  22. This is what works for me sudo apt-get install mysql-server sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start mysqladmin -u root -p create mydatabase
  23. To Create Mysql user mysql_install_db mysqladmin -u root password YOURPASS mysql -u root -p Password: YOUR PASS mysql>create database DBNAME; mysql>\q TO import mysql torrentflux < omggggg.sql -u root -p Password: YOUR PASS
  24. Apache2 has the concept of sites, which are separate configuration files that Apache2 will read. These are available in /etc/apache2/sites-available. By default, there is one site available called default this is what you will see when you browse to http://localhost or You can have many different site configurations available, and activate only those that you need. As an example, we want the default site to be /home/user/public_html/. To do this, we must create a new site and then enable it in Apache2. To create a new site: Copy the default website as a starti
  25. Some comparisons here... I installed CentOS 5.5 yesterday and it took 5 of the 7 possible CD's and about an hour on an older box Today I installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server (LAMP and OpenSSH) and it took about 20minutes and used 1 CD. SSH worked the first time, I typed the ip address in my browser and it came up right away. Downfall... both cpanel and InterWorx both do not support Ubuntu. They favor RedHat, CentOS and cPanel sorta supports Debian (which is what Ubuntu is based off of and so is Mac OS X). So as much as I love cPanel and InterWorx looks promising, they just do
  26. Once you have your VPS and the DNS is setup (see the Slicehost dns setup article) we can concentrate on setting up the Operating System. In this Ubuntu setup guide, we already have a basic Ubuntu image installed by the nice folks at Slicehost or the lovely folks at your VPS provider. Let's get on, update and secure it. We'll start with the basics of adding a new user, updating the Ubuntu OS, basic security (SSH configuration and iptables) along with an optimised mysql/ruby-on-rails stack with postfix and subversion. We'll install screen so we don't have to worry if the conn


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