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Current Donation Goals

Kate's Reward WHEN she BEATS this Battle with Cancer

beat_leukemia.jpgKate's #1 bucket list item is to go to Spain

This fund is specifically to reserve money for her so when she beats acute lymphoblastic leukemia she goes to Spain as her reward after the three years of treatment.  This would be an all inclusive two week vacation in Spain.  Now don't ask me how I am going to keep her calm/sedated for the long plane ride there and back but we'll figure it out.

Now with all this COVID craziness and people losing there jobs you probably have better things to use your money on.  This is just in case you have a couple extra dollars you don't mind donating to help give my wife her dream vacation for being so strong during her fight.  Waking up and putting on a smile regardless of how much pain she is in.  Pushing through all the long weeks of vomiting after chemo treatments.  If anyone deserves something good in their life, it's Kate.  Please help me make that happen.


Also note that we do not store any payment processing information.  It goes directly to payment processing company (STRIPE) over an encrypted connection.

Raised $26 of $8,000 target

K8's Bone Marrow Transplant

Kate has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) since 2019 but we didn't know about what she was fighting until Feb 2020 when she finally found a doctor who cared enough to do a simple blood test.  She has received over 30 blood transfusions and a year supply of chemo.  Every doctor visit she gets poked for blood check and has had IV's, Port and so much more done to fight this horrible cancer.  A.L.L is a cancer of the blood and during this fight her bone marrow is giving up which is what produces the blood that we need to live.

We need some help with the Bone Marrow Transplant.

Raised $0 of $800,000 target

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