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    • By rev.dennis in Linux How to Blog
      ffmpeg has been around for a long long long time and its still the tool many choose when wanting to convert video and/or audio especially since its free.  Many of the pretty GUI applications that are out there use ffmpeg in the background but you typically will find yourself paying for the simplicity of using a GUI versus command line.
      Here are some instructions on for the command line
      How to reduce the file size of MPEG-4 multimedia format video with ffmpeg
      Before we begin let's first get some statistics about our sample mp4 video file video1-orig.mp4
      $ ffmpeg -i video1-orig.mp4 ... 17015 kb/s, 29.99 fps, 30 tbr, 90k tbn, 180k tbc (default) ...  
      Identify the current file, which in this case the size is 22MB:
      $ ls -hl video1-orig.mp4  -rw-rw-r--. 1 user1 user1 22M Jul 23 10:56 video1-orig.mp4  
      The current bitrate of our mp4 video file is 17015 kb/s based on the first command you ran above (using the -i when you were looking for information about the file). The following linux command will reduce the bit rate of the above MP4 video file by approximately half and save the output as video1-new.mp4:
      $ ffmpeg -i video1-orig.mp4 -b 8507k video1-new.mp4  
      The new size of our mp4 file is:
      $ ls -hl video1-new.mp4  -rw-rw-r--. 1 user1 user1 12M Jul 23 11:14 video1-new.mp4  
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      This week isn't about the chemo but more about a big Tuesday appointment where Kate will move
      from a PICC line

      to a PORT

      as well as get an Bone Marrow Biopsy / MRD Test.
      What is an MRD Test?
      Measurable or minimal residual disease (MRD) testing is used to see if the cancer treatment is working and to guide further treatment plans. MRD testing is mainly used in blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma), but is being studied in other cancers. It is a type of personalized medicine, because the results can be used to tailor your treatment plan.
      What can the MRD test find?
      This test can find even the smallest amount of cancer cells that may be remaining after treatment. This can:
      Show how well your cancer has responded to the treatment you received. Do a better job of finding out if you are in remission than other tests. Find a cancer recurrence sooner than other tests. MRD tests use highly sensitive methods, including multi-parametric flow cytometry and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). These methods look for any remaining cancer cells that cannot be seen in routine tests. This test can detect even 1 cancer cell among 1 million normal cells.
      MRD testing is also useful in clinical trials for new medicines. MRD can show how well the medicine is working at treating the cancer without having to wait months to see if the cancer returns.
      MRD and ALL
      Part of routine testing in the treatment of pediatric and most adult ALL. Can detect relapse earlier than other tests. This allows for earlier treatment if relapse is suspected. Studies show that MRD is the best way to predict what treatments will be most helpful after the induction phase ALL treatment. MRD can also help identify patients most at risk for ALL relapse. These patients may have the best chance for a cure with a bone marrow transplant. Patients with good MRD response may be able to avoid transplant. 
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      This is our 2nd week of Chemo Treatment 3 times a week.  This "should be" also our last 3 times a week treatment which Kate is excited about.
    • By rev.dennis in Web Blog
      So many choices and the decision feels like a big one.  I have so many stupid email accounts that its beyond stupid but in reality I haven't really found one that does everything.  Its like a typical Microsoft product where it gets almost half way there and then falls short.
      I would mention that I believe Gmail is probably the most popular, most used email of everyone but man its just not easy to use.  Why is it so hard to get to an address book?
      Next I would probably give it up to Yahoo for being third which is very very focused on advertisements but it too is very difficult to find contacts/address book but yet easier than gmail.
      Outlook is typically blocked when you send email since its very prone to carry virus and spam but its very very microsoft focused.  Its slow when I've used it and again, the emails typically end up in the recipients spam folder.
      ZoHo Mail isn't bad at all.  Its probably the easiest to use but when you setup on your phone, it doesn't sync your contacts so you might not want to count on that.  Just mail and notes will sync to your phone.  So disappointed with no calendar or contacts.
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      Today is a great day as it celebrates a day back in 1985 when Kate Michelle was born with the help of her loving parents Diane and Larry Sipes and her two protectors (big brothers) Bill and Corey.
      To really celebrate and understand someone's birthday, you take a minute and imagine what would life be like if they weren't born.  I know I would of never found true love. Someone who cares as much for me as I do about them. A best friend that I don't mind being intimate with. Sharing life experiences together I couldn't imagine doing all these things without her.  So her birthday is a big day for me.
      I'll quote many songs that say, "The world is a better place with you in it" can not be more true about you Kate.
      Happy Birthday!
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