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    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      On the road to recovery
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      Still a crap week for Kate in ICU at Karmanos in Detroit (Room 5223) but she is suppose to be moving sometime today back up to the Bone Marrow Transplant floor which is the 10th floor.  They are waiting for two things first
      A room to become available Platelet Transfusion (yea platelets are still low) I asked the doctor when we should start seeing the new Bone Marrrow working and he said that it takes a couple weeks before we start seeing some activity.
      Something I forgot to ask is if her levels are so low because of all the chemo and radiation she had done.  I'm sure the answer is yes but would like to hear it from the doctor to be sure.

    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      Light at the end of the tunnel
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      So we were originally told by our liaison that they would call us around noon since they won't have a room available until after 1 or 2pm on Sunday but to our surprise we got called early Sunday morning to come on down.  Kate and I rushed to get ready and everything loaded.  Luckily we did most of the prep yesterday (Saturday).
      We got her settled into her room on the 10th floor in the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit.  The 10th floor is reserved for only Bone Marrow Transplant patients.  They explained the entire floor has a Hepa filtration system but everyone is required to wear a mask except the patients while in their rooms.  As soon as she leaves the room she needs to wear a mask.  She is assigned a very polite and nice nurse named Victoria.  Room is big and has lots of room.  We moved her in and made sure she knows where everything is.
      I went and got her some Chicken Nuggets from the only place open here which is Wendy's..  then picked her up an ice cold can of Coke (her favorite).
      Headed back home around 6pm since visitors hours are between 8am-6pm
      She is allowed two visitors per day (from my understanding)
    • By rev.dennis in K8 Strong the Jouney
      As many of you know my wife has been sick for the last three months and Urgent Care told her it’s a viral infection and she just needs to wait it out. 
      After two months she lost 40lbs and appeared to have Jaundice with her coworkers telling her she has a gray tint to her skin.  Kate decided to try her primary care physician which told her the same thing, it’s a cold and you just need to wait it out.
      We had a parent from our sons FIRST Robotics team that mentioned she could have Lyme Disease which when looking it up, appeared to possibly be the answer.  We were just in Tennessee and she did lead the way down a trail outside our cabin which had spider webs (could of a wolf spider fell down and bite her giving her this Lyme Disease or a tick?) 
      Kate was having a difficult time standing, having to sit down because she was getting very nauseous and light headed.  Horrible migraines which her Primary Care physician prescribed medicine for that which you supposedly have to take as soon as you feel you have a migraine coming on but it usually made her super sleepy.  Loss of appetite where she didn’t want to eat anything but Tropical Smoothies for some nutrition.  I went to a natural health store and got her some Ginger Shots and some essential oils to help her fight a possible Lyme disease naturally (if it’s even that).  Forced her to take vitamins…. Based on one of my friends (rob) recommendation, I bought some Bovin Colustrum and encouraged her to take that since Indians used it to cure many illnesses and in hopes to beat this as well as several other “remedies” but nothing was helping.
       While working one day her supervisor recommended the doc she see's and it just so happens the doctor is in Davison (where we live), Bridgett Dyson, and Kate made an appointment with her this past Tuesday (2/4/2020).  I told her, if she says "it’s a cold" we are going to the Emergency Room because I know in my gut its not a dang cold. 
      The moment Kate walked into the office this doctor has immediate concerns as she confirmed that Kate did not look healthy and immediately ordered three pages worth of blood testing and told Kate if its urgent she will call her that night, otherwise will get with her on Thursday.  
      We went to bed and around 10:15pm we got a call which appeared to be spam call (no-caller id) but what spam caller leaves a message?  Kate listened to the message and it was her doctor saying she is calling right back and please answer.  So Kate answered the second time and the doc said, very calmly, that Kate's blood came back with some concerns and that she (the doc) strongly recommends Kate go to the Emergency Room right away (which I overheard since we were both in bed) so before she even got off the phone I’m getting dressed.  I rush her to the ER at McLaren in Flint and of course begin the waiting period. 
      Once we get pulled in the back room they look at what her doctor sent over and they wanted to double check for themselves so they also took her blood.  In a few minutes they came back and said, “How are you walking?”  When her doctor pulled her blood her hemoglobin was at a 5 (normal for women its between 12-15) and her White Blood Cells were at 1 (normal is between 4-11).  Now in the ER her hemoglobin is down to 4.3 and her white blood cell was down to less than 1.  NOW they are giving her a ton of attention and she immediately gets two bags of O negative blood (since she is O+) at the fastest rate they can perform a blood transfusion which is at 150 in hopes to get her blood levels up. Kate said it felt so cold entering her body and it tasted aluminum in her mouth reminded her of a Pepsi which is disgusting to her.  She asked for the coke version of O- but I guess they didn’t have any.  Did another blood work (checking to see if its raising her counts) and it did slightly but required a total of 5 bags of O-.
      So over the course from Tuesday night to Saturday noonish my wife had to get bone marrow biopsy so they can determine what blood disease she has.  Initial thought from the hematologist was a-plastic anemia but after the bone marrow biopsy it said it was for sure Leukemia but not sure which kind until results are back from Karmanos Cancer Research in Detroit which we received FINAL confirmation yesterday that it for sure is Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) or otherwise known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia which in children under the age of 12 has a good chance for cure and in adults they says there still is a chance to be cured.
      I’m sure I’m missing pieces since my head is drowning in knowledge of what this disease is.  I have to apologize that my time is reduced since I am doing everything I can to support my wife while she is going through this without breaking down myself.  It’s insane to think of a time where we were both healthy and just enjoying the day probably stressing about stuff that doesn’t even matter today or involved in drama that goes away.  Everything now seems so minor (except our Health Insurance).
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