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Fall down and go Boom




Friday (10/16/2020) Kate fell down and landed on her side, actually more specifically her hip and serious pain.  Now we didn't hear any noise besides of the fall itself so we don't believe she broke her hip but could of fractured it but then we don't believe heat (like the heating bad) would help and it does.  So we believe she has just bruised tendons, muscle and after a week she should be good to go but we'll see.  I tried to convince her to go the emergency room because the faces she was making when trying to move were not pleasant but she doesn't feel its doctor worthy.

I purchased crutches from Meijer so she can take the weight off her hip while it heals.



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Yesterday (10/28/2020) Kates Cancer doctor (dr. Yang) requested an x-ray of Kates hip after her chemo treatment.  The results are less than ideal since it showed a Femoral neck fracture .  

So today we are at the McLaren Flint Hospital Emergency Room awaiting a room. Kate is feeling the standard side effects of chemo treatment. Yesterday she received rituxin and vincristine so she’s very tired and feels sick.


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We just got moved into Exam Room 22. Kate feels a bit better with her shoes off and slipper socks on and laying down... but now we listen to the sounds of a hospital. Ding ding ding goes the machine


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Now she’s getting MRI.


First ortho doc said we have three potential treatments

  1. since she’s been walking around “okay”, they may just tell her to continue walking around but keep weight off the leg and use a walker to get around and help keep the weight off while the body heals the fracture.
  2. they could do surgery and put metal in to hold it all together
  3. Worse case scenario is they replace the entire hip which is not preferred or ideal.

if they go with option#1 and issues occur later, it’s an automatic option #3 which means option #2 is off the table.

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Poor Kate got sick from the medicine they injected in her IV for the MRI but she’s back in the Exam room waiting for results from the Orthopedic doctor after they review the MRI results which will tell us n which direction (options) are available.


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Praying for the best option for Kate.  We all know how stubborn she can be (family trait??)but we are also here to help with her recovery.  Sending my Babycakes some positive vibes for a positive outcome.  


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We are home now. They decided to go with option #1 and have Kate keep weight off her right leg with the help of a walker (crutches temporarily).  We have to call an orthopedic office tomorrow.

kate asked for Zofran while she was in the hospital and ever since she got it introduced to her body via IV, she’s felt sick to her stomach.

I made her grilled cheese but she just can’t bring herself to eat.  She isn’t eaten anything all day and she’s hungry but anything she can think of for food makes her want to puke.

no good.. I can’t force her to eat

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