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Week 31



If you are looking for the Blog entries for weeks 29 and 30 you won't find them since the doctor wants Kate's body to heal.  So no chemo and no bloodwork for the two weeks but back at it today 9/14

Bloodwork, Chemo, Biopsy, Puncture??

Bloodwork Results

  • Potassium: 
  • Bilirubin(Liver Function)
  • White Blood Cells (WBC 4.0-10.0): 2.9
  • Hemoglobin (HGB 11.5-16.0): 10.5
  • Platelets (PLT 150-500): 26



  • Blood: NO
  • Platelets: NO (only if less than 10)


  • Lumbar Puncture: NO
  • BoneMarrow Biopsy: NO


  • Methotrexate via IV drip (avg __min infusion): NO
  • Vincristine via IV drip (avg 5min infusion): NO
  • Pegasparagus via drip (avg infusion): NO
  • Cyclosphomine: NO
  • Cytarabine: NO
  • Rituxan via IV drip (avg 1.5 hour infusion): YES
  • Daunorubicin via Syring (avg 5min infusion): NO <--causes hair loss

So Doctor Yang is still concerned that Kate's Platelets aren't coming up which is preventing the final round of chemo so in two weeks, he's going to attack this with a hybrid approach by giving Kate Pegasparagus and Steroids and possibly Vincristine (which is a maybe on the Vincristine since its known to reduce platelets by alot).

Dr Yang mentioned Kate can take the Lirica for her neuropathy twice a day (even though the bottle says once a day) since Kate has been experiencing so much pain in her feet.

Since they are injecting the Rituxin today via the Port we know Kate will have a fever we must fight the next couple of days.


Recommended Comments

Last night has been rough, trying to get her fever down. It definitely has been stubborn.

Kept checking her temp around 8pm because she was having chills and shaking but no fever. Then by 9 she had a fever so switched from Fago Rock n Rye to water. Put cold cloth on her and by 9:45 we were up to 103.7

Tried Tylenol and it still climbing at 10:30 and so she got a dose of Motrin as well and it just wouldn’t go down so I started a Luke warm bath and she was in that for a good half an hour. Went down to 101 and it went back up to a 103

Got her out of the bath and into bed and her she rests. Just checked fever at 11:35pm and it’s down to 101.. will check in 10min (we need two consecutive good temps before I can rest even though I’m out of ideas).

Dr Yang said if it gets to 104 and we can’t get it down in 30min she has to go to the hospital which is why I’m monitoring it so closely. It happens anytime they insert anything through her port. It could be saline solution or chemo... she’ll get a fever but not with withdrawals like when they take her blood. It’s so weird.

Today she seems to be maintaining a below 100 temp so I "think" we are in the clear but will monitor her today to make sure it doesn't come back because once its back its a serious pain to get rid of.

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    • This morning she doesn't have a fever. Last night once the fever hit 103 I gave her two tylenol around 4pm and it went down some but then by 6pm it climbed back up so I gave her one over the counter motrin and by 11pm her fever was below 100. So combination of club crackers, lots of water, cold wash cloth on back of neck or forehead and the tylenol and motrin (only as needed) she's starting her journey back to somewhat feeling better.
    • so it has begun, the standard protocol after anything goes into Kate's port..  1st she starts to feel ill, sick to her stomach Then her fever starts to rise (was 98.3 an hour ago and now its 99) And unfortunately its a battle for the next 24-36 hours to try and break the fever and get her feeling well again but some good news is they don't want Kate to come back for another treatment until October 28th (so no fever starters) but the bad news is its because her platelets keep dropp
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