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Tough week. Discovered that the methotrexate that they started me on gave me mouth sores. It’s a common chemo side effect that I’ve avoided thus far so that’s the positive. The week was really tough for being my week off of chemo. Very sick feeling and because of the mouth sores very difficult to eat anything. A lot of weight lost during the week cuz I just couldn’t eat. Dennis got me yogurt and popsicles which helped keep me going but hearing your stomach growl and not able to do much about it is not a fun feeling. 

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For anyone else experiencing mouth sores from Chemo Kate found using crest mouthwash gave her about 30minutes of numbness so she can eat..  of course everything is so minty fresh tasting.  Also searching the web we found suggestions on people using Biotine to help heal the sores and numb the sores so you can eat.

A friend of mine that went through chemo and had the mouth sores swore up and down by the hard jolly ranchers candies.

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