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First I want to mention I installed Linux Mint 19 on a Mac running Catalina (10.15.5) using Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Pro Edition and it would not update no matter what we did.  Aptitude repositories would not install no matter what.  After messing with all the suggestions from multiple forums I gave up and went to reliable Ubuntu (the god father of Linux.. lol).  It is always reliable and works no matter if I install it on a laptop, virtual machine or a server.  Reason I don't like Ubuntu is the bloatware..  just seems slower than other distro's but when it always works you wonder why you ever tried anything else.

When installing Ubuntu 20.04 on the Mac make sure you configure options and ensure Hypervisor is checked under the CPU section or Ubuntu install will just hang with a spinning Ubuntu circle of death but after you wait for everything to get done, it also fails with a Parallels Tools install because Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac does not support Ubuntu 20 and the newest version of Ubuntu it supports at the time of this article is 19.10 so going to try #3 which is download Ubuntu Desktop 19.10 from the archive and try to install that.

Just as a note, I am seriously considering installing the Arch Linux madjaro which looks totally awesome and I have only read great things about it but to be honest I haven't worked with pac as the software update/installer.  I'm familiar with aptitude for Debian systems and yum installer for Redhat systems but pac would be all new to me so let me get Ubuntu working first then play with something new.




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    • This morning she doesn't have a fever. Last night once the fever hit 103 I gave her two tylenol around 4pm and it went down some but then by 6pm it climbed back up so I gave her one over the counter motrin and by 11pm her fever was below 100. So combination of club crackers, lots of water, cold wash cloth on back of neck or forehead and the tylenol and motrin (only as needed) she's starting her journey back to somewhat feeling better.
    • so it has begun, the standard protocol after anything goes into Kate's port..  1st she starts to feel ill, sick to her stomach Then her fever starts to rise (was 98.3 an hour ago and now its 99) And unfortunately its a battle for the next 24-36 hours to try and break the fever and get her feeling well again but some good news is they don't want Kate to come back for another treatment until October 28th (so no fever starters) but the bad news is its because her platelets keep dropp
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