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Web based email comparison

So many choices and the decision feels like a big one.  I have so many stupid email accounts that its beyond stupid but in reality I haven't really found one that does everything.  Its like a typical Microsoft product where it gets almost half way there and then falls short.

I would mention that I believe Gmail is probably the most popular, most used email of everyone but man its just not easy to use.  Why is it so hard to get to an address book?

Next I would probably give it up to Yahoo for being third which is very very focused on advertisements but it too is very difficult to find contacts/address book but yet easier than gmail.

Outlook is typically blocked when you send email since its very prone to carry virus and spam but its very very microsoft focused.  Its slow when I've used it and again, the emails typically end up in the recipients spam folder.

ZoHo Mail isn't bad at all.  Its probably the easiest to use but when you setup on your phone, it doesn't sync your contacts so you might not want to count on that.  Just mail and notes will sync to your phone.  So disappointed with no calendar or contacts.

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Probably sticking with Gmail since its the only one that matches my requirements which are:

adding to my phone I can manage

  • mail
  • contacts
  • calendars
  • notes

The only other web based mail that had this ability from what I tested was Outlook and seriously, outlook is so slow and many times of the different outlook emails I tried sending emails, they receiver marks anything outlook.com as SPAM.

The downfall to Gmail is any cool email is taken which is annoying for anyone with a business since you know they took the email and could possibly use it to pose as your business.  Probably then it could be some sort of legal ramifications.

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