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Week 11 (Aggressive)




Kate had her bloodwork done and is getting Rituxan, Cytarabine and a new one Cyclosphomine as her Chemotherapy treatment today (Monday).  They did the pre-meds of Tylenol, Benadryl and Zofran for the nausea. 

Dr. Yang kinda gave kate a run down of what the penciled plan is coming up and it goes a little something like this...


4 WEEK TREATMENT (including the week we are on now)

week 1: 4x a week

week 2: 4x a week

week 3: 3x a week

week 4: 3x a week


After 4 weeks, Kate gets a 1 week break from chemo but during the week off she must

  1. move to port from PICC line which she will always need a port the rest of her life.
  2. bonemarrow & MRD testing


Now we start the 50 day treatment which is every 10 days (for 5 total trips) Kate will need to come in for doctor visit, lumbar punture and an additional chemo treatment via the PORT (which they sometimes inject into the spine during the lumbar puncture but the doctor prefers this treatment in kates case to go in via port instead of lumbar injection.


Once the 50 day plan has completed, we begin the 2 months (8 weeks) of once a week chemo treatment


Two month, once a week treatment is completed and all is still good, Kate's luekemia will be classified in remission status and will go into a maintenace mode.  At this time she'll be cleared to go back to work which is roughly October 2020 at this time.


Maintenance mode Treatment will consist of

  • Vincristine once a month, doctor visits, etc..


Of course all this could very quickly change but at least we have an idea of what "could be" the plan.


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So now its Wednesday and I have to say Kate is having a very rough week.  No appeitite and always sick to her stomach.  She mentioned these symptoms to the nurse while at Karmanos today and the nurses response is basically, you have been very lucky you have made it this long without feeling like a cancer patient.  So yes, the symptoms Kate is feeling is that of a typical cancer patient which is not good.  Obviously I try and treat all feeling like crap with humor which does crack a smile out of her now and then (especially when I sing lead and backup vocals to Roxette).

Kate confirmed that the acyclovir is take 1 pill twice a day instead of 2 since they are more mg than previously had.

Also to help with the nauseous the nurse said Kate can take 8mg of zofran instead of just one pill of 4mg.

Finally they suggested something like oyster crackers for kate to nibble on that doesn't have much flavor to keep her energy levels up.

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