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Week 8 (Aggressive)




Getting weaker by the week.  Chemo Treatments now have Kate in what they call a chemo fog.  She is having difficulty concentrating and standing for any length of time is not seen but she can make it to the restroom, and get a glass of water but prolonged standing (like to make dinner or talking to standing in a line is no way).

Luckily this week she should only have to come down to Karmanos three times a week with one of those days (today) being the day she is getting a crap load of chemo.



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Still waiting on blood counts to come back to see if K8 needs any transfusions today.
Dr. Yang is holding on giving the vancristine today because Kates liver count has been high and that can affect it plus that’s the med that makes the tingling worse in her fingers.

Dr. Yang said K8 will get the one week off of chemo but may have to do a lumbar puncture the next 3 mondays in a row. And then starting 3 weeks from today he’ll restart this cycle of chemo.

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So blood work came back and no good. Kate will require a blood transfusion and a bag of platelets as well.  Hopefully we can post the numbers and you can see how low she is.

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They first gave her

Then they gave her the pegaspargause

Next a blood transfusion

Then platelets


long day and she is starving. Hopefully she’ll get to leave soon.

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Today, to our surprise, kate needed more blood and platelets.

First they took her blood and had her wait in the waiting room.  Kate is thinking, just waiting for them to tell her to go ahead and take off and see her back on Friday.  NOPE. They did come up to her to just escort her back to a room and gave her a blanket and some water, still not telling her whats going on.

After some time, the assigned nurse comes in and told her that her White Blood Count is extremly low and so is her platelets so she requires a bag of each.

Also they scheduled her Lumbar Puncture for Tuesday, not next week but the week after.

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