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Week 6 (Aggressive)




We now begin some aggressive treatment starting off with bloodwork, lumbar puncture and then chemotherapy.

You have probably seen that Kate has had several Lumbar Punctures and may not know what it is.


A lumbar puncture (LP), also called a spinal tap, is a medical procedure in which a needle is inserted into the spinal canal, most commonly to collect cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic testing. The main reason for a lumbar puncture is to help diagnose diseases of the central nervous system, including the brain and spine.

Bloodwork results will get added to the calendar date for today.

Good news is Dr.Yang said she is doing better and the bone marrow biopsy showed no signs of Leukemia but that doesn't mean its gone and it just means its not visible through the testing they are doing currently but they will continue to attack Leukemia via the scheduled treatment and in a few weeks they will do a test that checks the blood more closely to see if any Leukemia cells are present.

He (Dr. Yang) mentioned the next few weeks are going to be very rough on Kate.  Her blood counts are going to be at very very low numbers so she will definitely feel nauseous (which she doesn't like at all) and faint as well as very tired.  She is getting introduced to several new medicines which I'll add here as soon as I have them.

I mentioned to Kate that she can always catch up on sleep on the drive down or the drive back since its 75 miles to the doctor and 75 miles back.  Saving grace is gas prices are down right now or we would be hurting more than we already are.

Thank you for your prayers and support. They are working...



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