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Week 5




We are now into Week 5 of the Treatment and this is a non-chemo week but tomorrow (Tuesday) they will still need to do a bone marrow biopsy.  So far, now time off for Kate since Leukemia isn't taking any time off.  So with every curve and punch cancer is dishing out to Kate she fights right back by taking the medicine, toughing through the bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures.

She is noticing what was very easy for her to do is becoming more difficult like swallowing pills.  She has to take so many that it's starting to wear on her.

We also have been told that I can not go in with her due to this corona virus going around.  So I must find a place that hasn't been shutdown to hang out.  Probably be a parking lot.  Will keep you all posted as I find out details myself.


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So I had kate to the front door about 9:50am and then went on my way to find a place to park.  Every coffee place, breakfast place, dining.. everything is closed. No where to go so I tried to make myself comfortable in the 4Runner, moving around to make sure I didn't get a parking ticket.  Trying to find free WiFi so I didn't rack up a bill using my phone as a hotspot so I could keep working.

By noon kate called and said she was ready for me to pick her up and take her home.

Good news is her White Blood Cell count is up to almost normal levels (3.1 when normal starts at 3.5 and goes to 10.6).  So now they are going to go aggressive which we found out means two weeks of four times a week we must go to Detroit for chemo therapy then it will go down to three times a week for two weeks then a week off and repeat with 4x for two weeks and 3x for two weeks and week off.

Also the chemo therapy drugs they will be using are different than in the past so we'll update you as we find out ourselves.

For more info on bloodwork results and drugs given/used check out the calendar event..  that seems to be the best place to find that kind of information.

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