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Resize Linux Host



Been reading about the many different ways to expand your storage on your Linux host.  This is my journey and experience which may work for you or not. 

WARNING: I'm no expert and typically just figure my way through it with practice and trying different approaches which many times works and many times gets me into deep doo doo.  I work mainly with Virtual Machines which I backup (when I remember) for failback.  I know many of us don't want to fork out the cash for ESX box or similar... I've had pretty good luck with the free proxmox and haven't found too many downfalls with it which I believe the negatives I have found would go away if I only just purchase it.  Wish it had auto backups of hosts but that would seriously consume space. :)

Before we begin I would suggest downloading GParted (if your work blocks sourceforge also you can download the copy I am using which is Gparted 1.1.0 that I have on this website)

Check disk space usage using df command

The df command output clearly showing that I only have two partitions (sda1 and sda2) on one disk (sda).


Check Disk Partition Using fdisk Command

I’m going to verify this using fdisk command.


Boot your system with GParted live installation media

Boot your system with GParted live installation media (like Burned CD/DVD or USB or ISO image). You will get the output similar to below screen. Here choose GParted Live (Default settings) and hit Enter.


Keyboard selection

By default it chooses the second option, just hit Enter.


Language selection

By default it chooses 33 for US English, just hit Enter.


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