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Fevers are no good

DD2E63C4-BD32-4E90-9C7A-0B089D859223.jpegTonight Kate developed a fever (running 100.5) and whats scary is they say if you have Leukemia and get a fever you must go to the nearest Emergency Room since its more than likely an infection which can prove to be fatal.  So right now we are calling 1-800-Karmanos to find out what they want us to do.

Patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) present with either symptoms relating to direct infiltration of the marrow or other organs by leukemic cells, or symptoms relating to the decreased production of normal marrow elements.

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of ALL, and patients with ALL often have fever without any other evidence of infection. However, in these patients, one must assume that all fevers are from infections until proved otherwise, because a failure to treat infections promptly and aggressively can be fatal. Infections are still the most common cause of death in patients undergoing treatment for ALL.

The doc called Kate and said she needs to immediately get down the the hospital because it means it could be infection.

we are packing up and heading down 


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Just saw Dr.Woolman. Man he was a talker. Not giving Kate a chance to answer any questions.

asked these questions

when admitted to Mclaren (flint): Tuesday the 4th.

When bone marrow biopsy: 2/6/20

when was picc line installed: 2/6/20

last transfusion: 2/7/20

did they give you any medicine: dexatron (2/7/20-2/10/20) 40mg a day for the 4 days.

When did you learn for sure Kate has ALL: bone marrow biopsy confirmed Kate has ALL on 2/10/20

allergic to anything: no

taking any medicine: allopurinol (300mg) because music acid high, norco 7.5mg for discomfort for bone marrow biopsy but hasn’t taken any

anything doctor should know?

we noticed bleeding from picc Line.

mentioned she had a bloody nose


11:00pm they brought her down for x-ray


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Gave Kate tordol at this time for her headaches.

when we came in they gave her via an IV (not using PICC line) cefepime 2gm which is an antibiotic.

we are watching 2.5 men (the era that Charlie sheen still existed)

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just had a visit from the Karmanos doctor on duty which did a quick evaluation of Kate. 
going to transfer Kate up to a room in Karmanos, just waiting.


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So Karmanos doctor on duty came in and did some more checking while we wait for a room.

she mentioned Kate’s hemoglobin is down to 7.2 and her white blood cell count is at 1.7
so now we wait for her room 

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Thank you for all the updates, Dennis! Hope the staff are treating her good, as well as you. Loved the pic with the dogs. So sweet 🥰

Please give her my love. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. 


- Dréa 


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Got our room (9203) in Karmanos on the 9th floor but was told they may move her to 8th floor.. but not sure when.

im thinking Kate would really just like to sleep.

room is HUGE


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