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So our first visit to Karmanos in Detroit. We were given Valet so getting in wasn’t too bad and traffic down from Davison was quick.  Front staff that checked us in was very professional and then a guide brought us to the room on the second floor where we had a pretty brief wait before being called back.

Dr. Yang is another great doctor that is very knowledgeable. Leukemia is his specialty and he is very informed on Kate’s condition.  He mentioned it’s typically found in kids (under the age of 12) with around an 80% success rate of fully cured within three years. If she was 70 years old she would have a 10% chance of survival with treatment.  Dr. Yang said she might be somewhere in the middle being 34 years old but he wants to treat Kate as a child which means it’s more aggressive chemo treatment.

C6957DFA-BF34-49B6-AB5B-89BA306AE15C.jpegSo estimated treatment is 1-3 months of very aggressive chemo treatment. First 4 weeks is induction and then 6-7 months aggressive chemo then possible maintenance.

she will have 20 spinal taps over the course of three years to make sure the leukemia hasn’t entered her spinal cord since it wants to get to her brain which would be not a good thing.

unfortunately she will have to have multiple bone marrow biopsies to monitor the progress chemo is having on the cancer located in the bone marrow.

during this process she will have routine blood transfusions to get her blood numbers up since chemo will bring them down.  Eventually after chemo kills the cancer cells, her bone marrow will hopefully start producing good cells.

how the doctor explained it is the good cells are getting pushed out or over run by all the leukemia cells.  So chemo will hopefully kill this leukemia cells.

Monday Kate’s hemoglobin was 8.8 and then Thursday (yesterday) it was 8.7 and when measured today it was down to 8.3

Apparently when your hemoglobin drops to low you run the risk of bleeding and not able to stop the bleeding. They told us if Kate begins to bleed and we can’t get it to stop within an hour that I should drive her to the ER at Harper Hutzel which is attached to Karmanos and they will admit her then. Scary stuff.

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Ran into a little worry.  Tonight (9:25pm) kate began to have a nose bleed (her first ever).  It luckily stopped within the first 10minutes because if it didn't stop in an hour we would of been heading back down to Karmanos via the Harper-Hutzel Emergency Room.


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