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How will I know



Isn’t this the big question we ask ourselves all the time when marriage is either brought up or roaming around in your head?  Honestly no one can answer the question if he/she is “the one” for you.

Being married twice myself I put my foot down and said never again.  In my head I believed people changed to dramatically from when you date to when you are now married.  It appeared once you put a ring on your finger it was a sign that someone owned you.

Looking back I could see the error of my ways and now I know what I had with my previous marriages wasn’t being in love.  It was just exciting times that you wanted to last.  A wedding band doesn’t make that happen.

To be blunt I had no idea of what being “in love” was until I met the person in my life today.  She puts as much into our relationship as I do if not more.  The feeling of being loved (not lusted after) is an amazing feeling.  She is amazing with my two boys.  I can finally say after searching for love for so long that I have actually found it.

Now comes the questions.

I watched my ex-father in law die of rectal cancer.  He went through a living hell on what hospitals did in effort to help him.  What was amazing was what his wife did because he couldn’t.  Changing his bag of waste, cleaning the sores and horribleness that existed on his bottom. Find new ways for him to eat food that would stay in his stomach. Getting up with him each time he got sick from the Chemo treatments. Taking care of the 3rd degree burns in his mouth. All of these things that you agree to do for the one you love when you say “I do” in sickness and health, take you to be my lawfully wedded partner in life until no end.


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    • Didn't sleep through the night and having a rough day. She feels very warm but taking temp every hour or so and temp is good.  I'm trying to get her to drink more water but most of us have a hard time drinking lots of water.. just boring. She's napping now with her dog, sookie, cuddling with her. The dog knows somethings up with Kate and doesn’t leave her side.  
    • This treatment is taking its toll on Kate. She doesn’t feel good, sleepy, sick to her stomach and all in all not in a good place. Doctor said all I need to watch for is: hives (try 2 doses of Benadryl, if not gone away after 2 doses go to ER) fever (try cold wash cloth on back of neck if not down less than 100.4 in 60min bring to ER) bleeding. (Needs to stop in 30min or go to ER) do. Said to drink lots of water
    • 1:17pm - completed everything and all is good.  Just finishing paperwork and heading home.  I'm starving so I hope to convince her of eating on the way home.
    • at 9:45am kate was given two regular tylenol and then they gave her a syringe of Benadryl..  now she is starting to recline in the chair... getting sleepy... so sleepy. at 10am kate received zofran for the nausea via an IV drip (avg 30minute drip) at 10:20am kate received for her headache  1 pill of fioricet at 10:20am kate also received 1 potassium pill (huge pill.. broke in half) at 10:40am kate began daunorubicin via Syring (avg 5min infusion) at 10:50am kate began vi
    • Took bloodwork at 7:45am (we'll have to see how the counts are)... Questions for Dr.Yang (assistant today was Nicole) headache (tylenol 3 with codine works to put kate to sleep but anything else.. reasons?) - could be from lumbar puncture week with no blood transfusion (signs to watch): low white blood cells: Have repeated fevers and infections. Get bladder infections that may make it painful to pass urine, or make you urinate mo
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