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Latest update is Kate is doing better but she's not too happy that she is now having clumps of hair fall out.  This is a repeat of it happening when she was getting chemo at the beginning of her treatment in 2020.

Otherwise she has headaches which are subsiding (not as strong and painful as they were before).

She doesn't have much energy but they are trying to get her to walk every day now.

They changed up the pills which are playing havoc on her tummy and she really doesn't want to eat but the Wendy's frosty's are good.

Hopefully next week she'll be able to come home.  Alex should be done with COVID quarantine and Kate will come home.

My next To Do is identify a company that can clean this house top to bottom to just give Kate's immune system a fighting chance.

White blood count moved up to .2 which isn't a ton but we'll take our small wins when we can.

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