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Bone Marrow Transplant Week 2





Still a crap week for Kate in ICU at Karmanos in Detroit (Room 5223) but she is suppose to be moving sometime today back up to the Bone Marrow Transplant floor which is the 10th floor.  They are waiting for two things first

  1. A room to become available
  2. Platelet Transfusion (yea platelets are still low)

I asked the doctor when we should start seeing the new Bone Marrrow working and he said that it takes a couple weeks before we start seeing some activity.

Something I forgot to ask is if her levels are so low because of all the chemo and radiation she had done.  I'm sure the answer is yes but would like to hear it from the doctor to be sure.



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An update from yesterday is Kate had some visitors (Steph and Syd) which I'm sure Kate really loved seeing.  They were kind enough to swing by the house before going down so I could give them some clean clothes for Kate and her wedding rings which she took off for all the radiation she was getting last week.

Kate also moved up to the 10th floor.

Meanwhile back home our 11year old son Alex, got tested positive for COVID so now I'm on quarantine for 10-14 days along with both my boys.  Alex is doing fine.  He ran a fever a bit yesterday (Tuesday) but he seems fine.  Both Monday and Tuesday he was super tired but he's doing better now.

School called me and said to keep boys home and they'll email us when they can come back to school.  Keri said she would make all the arrangements so the boys can do school remote while in quarantine status.

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