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Catching up in May 2021




First I have to apologize for the lack of updates I have not been providing for any of your following this.  So much is going on in our world that unfortunately the blog is one of the first things that gets lost.

So within the last month Kate got a Bone Marrow Biopsy at the beginning of May and just last Wednesday she got the very painful Lumbar Puncture.  She has had the Lumbar Punctures before but it didn't whoop her ass like it did this time.  She was throw up sick and fevers for about three days but she is doing better now.

We have been pretty firm on the not doing the COVID vaccine since Kate's platelets are so low but her doctor (Dr. Yang) insists that she either get the vaccine or die if she gets COVID.  Well that sales pitch got Kate and I to go get the Pfizer Vaccine from Kroger.  We had to drive to Clarkston (about 40min) to get the Pfizer vaccine since the reviews we read its the safer of the choices and Pfizer is the only one offered to kids which made me feel better about going with the Pfizer Vaccine.  Yesterday (Sunday) we got our second shot and Kate was very warm but no fever.  I got diarrhea around 5am this morning which was around 4 trips between 5-6 but other than that no idea even got the shot.

I purchased a couple of different things to help raise Kate's platelets up naturally in hopes it would help prepare her for this Bone Marrow Transplant currently scheduled for the beginning of August.




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