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Wordpress is like Microsoft



wordpressVSwindows.png.5f1824a7aec4f6b1a7b22f7822654c2f.pngYea yea, I know this title is very generic and yes we all like to bag on Microsoft but this is more of a very high level side by side with Microsofts product, Windows.

Why is Wordpress like Windows?

They both are slow over time. The more you add the slower it gets. The more software, plugins you add the slower it gets.

They are both very insecure and require a separate security package.

Here is my experience with Wordpress since this is all just a learning experiment.

I built a community on Joomla using Kunena as a forum and EasyBlog as my blog and eDocman as my File Management and I forget what I used for my Media.  The site was quick but again, security was a big hole.  First I noticed tons of issues with Kunena so I moved to phpBB3 which was and is a fantastic forum package but its 3rd party so you need to use a bridge to integrate into your Joomla site and that takes resources and you would occasionally get a sync error between Joomla and phpBB3.  When you are using software that isn't fully integrated then you discover issues like the search plugin doesn't search everything.

So I did some research and Wordpress is the most used web software, just like Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system but what the most have in common is price.  Windows is cheap in comparison and likewise Wordpress is free.  So obviously free typically attracts tons of people.  Now Joomla is also free but with both Wordpress and Joomla what isn't free are all the addons needed to make it a usable site and now you depend on the developers of those addons to keep them up to date and support.  In my experience some addon companies were better than others for both Joomla and Wordpress addons.  I like Wordpress plugin manager way better with the reviews, easy to search for type of plugin where Joomla is more like a Sears catalog where you have to find the category and hope you pick the right one.

Most addons are free to install but if you want any real functionality you have to pay for the upgrade and the payment is a yearly subscription. No longer are the days where you buy a plugin and you own it.  Now you subscribe for a pretty hefty price and you keep paying "the man" or you will get infected.

So as you see I settled on a web software that has all those addons (files, calendar, blog, etc) included.  Yes I have to pay $210/year for the software but that includes all the updates to maintain the software and very quick response for support.

If you go for a free solution like Wordpress or Joomla be prepared to pay way more than $210 for less functionality.

Let me share some examples so you know I'm not just blowing smoke.


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: rtMedia ($499 ) or MediaPress ($ )
  • Joomla:

File Management/Downloads

  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: WPDM ($199)
  • Joomla:


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: included
  • Joomla: EasyBlog ($ )


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: 
  • Joomla:


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: EventON ($215 )
  • Joomla: 

Project Management

  • IPB: doesn't offer anything
  • Wordpress: WeDevs WP Project Management ($249)
  • Joomla:


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress:
  • Joomla: included

Support Tickets

  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress:
  • Joomla:


  • IPB: limited
  • Wordpress: Gravity Forms (workflow is awesome)
  • Joomla:

Link Library

  • IPB: none
  • Wordpress: Link Library
  • Joomla:


  • IPB: built in
  • Wordpress: iThemes ($ )
  • Joomla: 


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: BuddyBoss
  • Joomla: community builder or


  • IPB: included
  • Wordpress: bbpress (tools)
  • Joomla: kuena or phpbb3 bridge

Backup System

  • IPB: none
  • Wordpress: Updraft or Backupbuddy ($ )
  • Joomla: 



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